Spaceflow introduces a new generation of its product

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To continue to build on our mission – to create digital experiences to enable better life in buildings – we need an ever-evolving product. This June, we’re launching a brand new generation of it that allows better customization and modularity.

The new generation’s crown jewel is a new API version that allows for easier integration and customization. Gradually, Spaceflow is adding more integrations beyond the roster of existing ones, such as HID, SALTO KS  or IMAS and others.

Spaceflow ACS

“Our main goal is to have modularity that allows for scalability. Our product has enabled clients to turn off and on different features in the admin console already, but with the new generation, we elevate this functionality and property owners and managers will be able to select different modules for their buildings according to their needs,” comments David Balik, Product Manager at Spaceflow. What this means is that clients are completely free to turn off or on Access System, Ticketing, Document and Visitor Management System. Every building and every portfolio has different starting points and this possibility thus caters to any type of space.

"That allows us to have one platform, one engine with customization available, rather than building different apps for different clients."
David Balik Product Manager, Spaceflow

Alongside this new emphasis on modularity, a wealth of new features are soon coming to Spaceflow clients and users across the world. Some of these new features augment existing Spaceflow functionality, and others introduce completely new use cases and opportunities. Over the time we will roll out a series of blog posts to describe in-depth all of the new features we’re implementing, but for now, here is a preview.

First up, we’re rolling out a new UI for the application and admin console of the platform.

We’re updating our Portfolio, Spaces, and Tenants elements to give more information to managers and make setup easier than ever before. For Spaces, managers can use multiple entrance options, more detailed unit breakdowns, and other ease-of-use improvements. For Tenants, we’re adding clarity by allowing specific occupiers to be assigned to specific units within buildings, while the lease information is getting available within the Tenant view, centralizing information for managers.

Spaceflow’s next-generation ticketing system is here, as well. With the new system, Ticketing Managers have access to more details and information within each ticket, updated management workflows, and in-app ticket commenting and discussion, helpful for diagnosing and solving complex issues.

Spaceflow app - target audience

Spaceflow Newsfeed is receiving a big upgrade as well. Managers now have more detailed post targeting at their fingertips, making sure the right occupiers see news and updates on Spaceflow when it is most relevant. Posting is now a better experience than ever, with upgraded Poll, Event, Post, and Announcement functionality, like the option to ask multiple-choice questions within the app itself. And finally, each of these Newsfeed items are receiving new scheduling functionality, allowing managers to draft content ahead of time, when it is convenient, and publish on a set date and time.

In addition to all of these new features, we’re also adding a Google single sign-on option as another way to access the Spaceflow platform.

Spaceflow app - service offering

All other modules like Vendors, ServicesTicketing, Messages, Visitor management system or Smart metering will be upgraded or in the case of the Digital Documents, newly introduced.

We transform the way buildings are operated and used to meet and exceed the changing expectations of today's occupiers. To be able to do that, we never stop innovating, never stop listening to the voices of our clients and partners, and never stop refining our product. The new generation is a major step into the future for our platform, and we look forward to sharing it with you,” says Lukas Balik, CEO of Spaceflow.

New generation modules described at our blog:

  1. Newsfeed
  2. Ticketing
  3. Group Messages
  4. Vendors
  5. Digital Documents

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25. May 2022
5 minutes read


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