Taking a look at Spaceflow's updated Vendors system

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By now we’ve covered a wide range of new functions that will be included in our upcoming feature update. We’ve talked about our Newsfeed, ticketing, group messages already. But now, we’re upping the ante even further with a whole new world of functionality for one of our existing features: our Vendor system.

Vendors are outside people or organizations who offer services to your building’s occupiers. Maybe they are cleaning services, or restaurants, or catering companies, or team-building providers like yoga instructors. Vendors can add a lot to the quality of your tenants’ lives (or work lives!) in your building, and now we are making it easier for them to do their stuff.

First of all, we’re adding in the ability for vendors to display opening and closing hours for their businesses. If your occupiers want late night tacos or early morning dry cleaning, this feature will help them locate it. Plus, including open hours also saves time by allowing people to stay within the Spaceflow ecosystem and avoid having to go out and Google when the sandwich shop closes.

Mockup of Spaceflow app - vendors feature

Also, we are adding in the ability to add more vendor managers to each of your vendor profiles. This will help your tenants communicate with businesses that have multiple contact points or partners, and streamline operations on the vendor end. Vendor managers will now also be able to communicate with end-users directly via Messages.

As always, through our admin console we offer the ability for vendors to create custom profiles with service offerings and coupons available right within the Spaceflow app. This feature could also be critical in the success of your building’s canteen. Instead of being viewed as second fiddle to local restaurants, let your cafeteria shine with its own vendor profile, highlighting some of the great option and deals available there!

We consider our vendor functionality a crucial component of what the new Spaceflow will look like and an integral part of the office digital transformation. We think it will bring occupiers closer to their communities while solving their unique needs, whether for a sandwich for lunch or cleaning services for their workspaces.

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25. May 2022
3 minutes read


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