Taking a look at Spaceflow's upgraded features: Ticketing

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Welcome to our second article devoted to the new features included in Spaceflow’s most recent update! We started out by previewing all of our new features of the new generation, from a new single sign-on solution to make accessing Spaceflow easier, to new options and settings for Portfolios and Spaces.

In our last article, we covered the new Newsfeed features and functionalities that our users have to look forward to. If Newsfeed is great for sharing property updates, building attendance at events, and driving engagement with your property brand, Ticketing is the bottom-up way of communication and channel to receive feedback and every bit as critical to a well-functioning property as the newstream.

Spaceflow’s ticketing is a core feature of our platform, which allows management teams to rapidly respond to problems and tips within the property. Instead of going through multiple intermediaries, as we discuss in this article, our ticketing function allows occupiers to submit maintenance requests directly to building management. This cuts down on the number of people who need to spend time responding to the same service request, and increases occupier satisfaction by allowing for a quicker response to pressing issues.

Now, though, ticketing is getting even better. First, we’re adding permissions for ticket submission. Perhaps you want to allow only some tenant organizations to be able to submit tickets, perhaps as part of a value-added service package. Now you’ll have the ability to specify who can and can’t submit tickets. If you offer different levels of service to different occupiers, or have different maintenance policies in different buildings across your portfolio, this feature will allow you to more accurately reflect your strategy on a day to day basis.

There’s more than just targeting, too, We’re also allowing the option to customize ticket categories to space-specific options. Perhaps some of your spaces have certain technologies, like touchless access or advanced climate control, which require their own ticketing options. Whether these are available on a building by building basis, different areas within the same building, or beyond, customizable, space-based ticketing options will add an element of management granularity that will enhance the efficiency of your property maintenance team.

Finally, we have one more ticketing feature that we are excited to mention. With our new update, tickets now have built-in commenting functionality. Now, when someone submits a ticket, you’ll be able to host, monitor, and reply in a comment chain attached to the ticket itself.

Spaceflow platform admin console - ticketing module

This will be a big productivity booster for maintenance professionals and managers because it will allow additional information, questions, and responses to be relayed back and forth at the initial point of communication. Instead of managers needing to follow up with ticket submitters via in-app message or email, and then CC in maintenance people who may have additional clarifying or diagnostic questions, all parties involved can communicate on the Spaceflow ticket itself, centralizing discussions and keeping all the facts together at all times.

Ticketing updates promise to supercharge the productivity of managers seeking to avoid being bogged down in ongoing maintenance requests and dialogues.

These new features are still just the tip of the iceberg. Take a look at the rest of the changes in the new generation. Don’t miss it!

25. May 2022
5 minutes read


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