Taking a look at Spaceflow's upgraded features: Newsfeed

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Spaceflow has come a long way since we were founded in 2016. Since that year, we’ve added a lot of functionality to enable better life in buildings. From the early days, occupiers have been able to use our tenant experience platform to communicate with their teammates and property management, book spaces, and create and experience amazing property-based communities. That functionality brought Spaceflow to dozens of communities in 18 different markets.

We never stopped innovating, though, and despite the outbreak, 2020 was a particularly noteworthy year for us. January that year, we added payments functionality to our platform, allowing users to pay for in-building experiences, bookings, and services. Now, landlords can plan anything from workout classes to workshops and group events, publicize them, share the date, and accept paid registrations, all in the same place. The same applies to any on-site amenities and facilities. 

Note: Spaceflow payments are currently being rebuilt and will be available in 2023.

2020 also brought our integration with SALTO KS, a leading access control provider. With this new partnership, Spaceflow’s users can actually access their buildings and spaces with no need for a physical key, keycard, or even a separate app. Our platform is all these users need to get into their suites and offices.

We didn’t stop there In May 2021 we announced FLOW, our partnership with Flowbox. This partnership adds a whole new world of functionality for our users, allowing them to track all of their measurables within one easy-to-watch place. For landlords looking to make a difference in the world, check off regulatory boxes, and improve the quality of their communities, FLOW is the tool to get it done.

And now, we’re pleased to announce that this June we will be launching a brand new generation of Spaceflow. A wealth of new features are soon coming to Spaceflow clients and users across the world.

This article will be the first of several exploring all of these new features.

Let’s talk Newsfeed first

The Spaceflow Newsfeed is already the place to go to share property announcements, build discussions with community members, post poll questions, and circulate event invitations. But now we’re making it even better.

The first area getting an upgrade are our Newsfeed polls. We already make it easy to share results with respondents, for instance if you’re running a poll with public answers, like voting for a type of catered food. We’re now adding the ability to add additional answers for the users and choose multiple answers, which should make feedback much more precise for community managers.

Now, instead of needing to look to an external survey tool, like Google Forms or Typeform, property and community managers will have the opportunity to deliver more complex, advanced poll questions to their occupiers, without needing them to ever leave the Spaceflow app. This will streamline the user experience for occupiers large and small while increasing the number of responses received.

We’re also adding the ability to schedule draft posts ahead of time. Want to prepare a number of Newsfeed posts early in the week, and schedule them for later, when things are busier? Or schedule special events and maintenance posts well ahead of time? You’ll soon be able to.

Finally, we’re adding in post targeting. Is that post scheduled for Wednesday only applicable to the specific tenant in a certain building? You’ll be able to specify exactly who is the target recipient with our new update. You will be allowed to target your posts per:

  • Portfolio
  • Groups of Spaces
  • Single Space
  • Multiple tenants
  • Single-tenant

These new features promise to transform what you can do with your Newsfeed. Instead of needing to post things one at a time, to everyone all at once, you’ll now have the opportunity to add a lot of nuance to your cadence of posts - and plan them well in advance. With this update, the sky’s the limit for the types of posts you’ll be able to produce, and the insights you’ll be able to gather. Don’t miss it!

25. May 2022
5 minutes read


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