Group messaging is set to transform the property community's conversation

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In this article, we’re excited to announce the arrival of Group Messages, a new feature that will transform how managers and users are able to implement Spaceflow to communicate with their communities. This feature will be available later this year.

We’ve already released several new articles discussing a number of upgraded features in the new generation of our product: An overview article exploring the full scope of inbound updates, an article covering our updated Newsfeed functionality, allowing for better polling, scheduling and interactivity within your building, and a post informing about upgraded Ticketing feature.

"Any user will be able to initiate group messages with multiple other people, whether they are other users or managers."
Logan Nagel Content Specialist, Spaceflow

Messaging has always been a core part of Spaceflow. It has allowed groups of two to socialize, plan events, coordinate meetings, and discuss property news since the earliest versions of our platform. That will change. Instead of only offering one-on-one messages, which is great for small-scale interactions but doesn’t do as much for the community as a whole, we will be offering full group messaging functionality.

This means that any user will be able to initiate group messages with multiple other people, whether they are other users or managers. Want to plan a small group event, but don’t want to use Spaceflow’s full event functionality to do it? This could be a good way. Or perhaps your building is starting an inter-tenant council or networking group. Multi-user messages can allow that, too.

Spaceflow group messaging in the cafe

We carefully designed our group messages functionality to be as effective as possible for buildings large and small. If a group message starts with only three or four people but more are added later, those users will be able to see the full messages history, even before they joined – just like Slack channels.

Spaceflow is also bringing social-style user information to our messaging feature. Soon, you’ll be able to see basic information about the person (or people!) you’re talking to, without having to leave the messaging area. This might not matter if you already know your chatmate, but if you’re in a group message with completely new faces, it’ll keep a helpful amount of information at your fingertips at all times.

We’re dedicated to the continual improvement of our application, and group messages are just one of many upgrades coming in the near future. Stay tuned for more!

11. May 2022
3 minutes read


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