How Spaceflow helps properties attain WELL Building Standard certification: part 2

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We recently shared an article focusing on a few of the ways Spaceflow helps property owners attain the WELL Building standard certification. In that article, we discussed Spaceflow’s impacts to the Air, Water, and Nourishment concepts, three of the big-picture ideas that WELL focuses on.

To gain the WELL certification, properties need to hit one or more preconditions across each concept, and gain an additional number of points by completing various optimizations. For instance, in the Materials concept, properties need to hit three preconditions related to limiting exposure to harmful materials such as lead, and then have the option of attaining nine other optimizations such as efficient cleaning procedures or materials transparency.

With that in mind, the Spaceflow platform helps properties meet their goals in other WELL concept areas alongside the ones we talked about in the last article.


WELL requires properties make substantial achievements in terms of mental health and stimulation to gain certification. The preconditions in this concept are mental health promotion, through things like provision of resources and sound policies. The second precondition here is connection to nature and place.

Spaceflow offers a number of tools for properties to boost their occupiers’ mental health. During the lockdown, we ran a series of online meditation sessions and wellness surveys for our occupier community. We also shared a large number of resources for wellness and mental health over the last two years, including infographics and articles as well. We position these resources so our occupier teams can lean on them for support during difficult times.

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Our Document Management System (DMS) will make it easy to share building-wide policies and resources, like mental health contacts and information, with all occupiers instantaneously. Meanwhile, we’ve already written extensively how Spaceflow helps people get outside and into nature. With our event planning tools, it is easy for managers to put together and execute outdoor events large or small, and even equip their occupiers themselves to start ad hoc outdoor activities like running groups or cycling events.


To attain the necessary and optional points in the Community concept, properties need to complete four preconditions. These focus on integrative design processes, feedback collection, emergency preparedness, and the promotion of health and wellbeing. Optimizations available within this concept focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as on maximizing the impact of the preconditions through things like enhanced surveying.

Spaceflow is uniquely positioned to help properties with their community goals. We already discussed how our DMS can be used to share resources and policies (like emergency management plans). Our platform benefits from deep feedback collection functionality, such as native polling available within the app itself, and the ability to easily distribute advanced third-party surveys like Typeform through our Newsfeed and messaging features. Plus, occupiers can take advantage of the virtual events that we periodically plan, like the meditation sessions we mentioned earlier.

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Alongside those features, one of our unique value propositions is our ability to supplement our platform with help from real human community management experts who are well-equipped to handle all sorts of community challenges. If WELL is in your crosshairs, why not leverage our community experts as you move through the process?


Finally, we come to Innovation. This concept is all optimizations, with no specific preconditions. While some of these optimizations are specific, like involving a WELL Accredited Professional in the design process, others are more broad. For instance, points can be awarded for providing education on what the property did to attain WELL certification, as well as for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Much of what we discussed in our last article focused around that last point, of greenhouse gas reduction. Our FLOW dashboard helps managers and owners visualize the energy consumption and emissions of their buildings. And as for publicizing and education a building’s WELL achievements, what better place to do it than on our Newsfeed?

Spaceflow is a platform with a very wide range of use cases, by design. Hitting WELL targets is just one of them. For more on what Spaceflow can do for your property portfolio, get in touch with our team! And check out how Spaceflow helps buildings get SmartScore certified.

22. October 2021
6 minutes read


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