How Spaceflow boosts daily property management time effectiveness: Part 1

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At Spaceflow, we know that the prospect of adopting a new tech system can be daunting to property managers who already struggle with jam-packed calendars and a million tasks a day as it is. Many managers already have so much on their plates that they may hesitate at the thought of adding another system, like a tenant experience platform, that could take time to learn.

We are confident that Spaceflow is an easy tool with no learning curve, and we want managers to know that we take their time very seriously. That’s why we decided to release an article series listing some of the top ways that Spaceflow directly saves managers time instead of costing them more of it. Here are the first three!

1. Handling visitors

Managing the visitor process is something that can quickly become a big time sink, especially at small and medium-sized buildings that do not have separate management and reception staff. Sure, tenant facility managers or reception staff handle guests to their suite, but if your building has controlled access, someone or something needs to be there to credential visitors. A good visitor management system can help to relieve the burden on your own property management staff and help make guests’ journeys to tenant spaces smoother and more frictionless.

Spaceflow visitor management system: overview of visitors
Spaceflow visitor management system: overview of visitors

2. Managing maintenance 

How many property managers out there would honestly say that managing maintenance requests is the highlight of their job? Ensuring that maintenance requests are handled promptly and tickets resolved satisfactorily is stressful for everyone and costs managers lots of time (and sometimes clumps of hair, as well!).

Spaceflow solves this challenge by giving the right people within your building team access to a maintenance ticketing system that every space user can access, or only certain users can access (up to you!). Our system allows for easy, frictionless communication with occupiers at every step of the maintenance process.No more maintenance conversations via text!

Spaceflow dashboard posts

3. Communicating with everyone in your space

Expanding on our second point above, Spaceflow helps managers to connect with every stakeholder in their space, from other employees to occupiers, both managers and employees, and even local vendors and service providers. The biggest strength here lies in Spaceflow’s ability to unify all of these conversations at one location. Instead of managers taking calls, receiving texts, needing to use emails for one-off conversations, and having to use a clunky property management software for mass emailing tenants, Spaceflow lets you do everything right from the same place.

Spaceflow app newsfeed

Hadrian's Tower occupants benefit from having all their building management updates distributed via Spaceflow. The app newsfeed works as the main communication channel, comprising all maintenance updates, important building information and sociable events and activities for tenants to browse and engage further with building management and each other,” said Matthew Foster Marketing Director at The High Street Group, a company managing the Hadrian’s Tower, the biggest construction in the UK’s Newcastle upon Tyne.

"Because of Spaceflow, Hadrian's Tower occupants never have to worry about missing an important announcement or struggling to get in touch with the management team, saving man-hours and easing everyday stressors through optimizing one digital solution, as an alternative to working in multiple tools simultaneously."
Logan Nagel Content Specialist

Of course, there is one area where managers might need to spend a little extra time: encouraging their occupiers to use the platform. Those benefits we just discussed don’t materialize if only 5% of the building is even using Spaceflow in the first place. But the good news is, convincing people to use Spaceflow is a lot easier than managing maintenance, communications, and visitor management manually.

For additional inspiration, check out our recent article on how data dashboards can save managers even more time.

05. October 2021
5 minutes read


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