A Day in the Life: How Spaceflow Empowers Property Managers

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Property managers play a pivotal role in the smooth operation of buildings and the satisfaction of tenants, in both commercial and residential real estate. With Spaceflow, managing multiple properties becomes a streamlined, efficient, and tenant-centric process. 

Let's explore a day in the life of a property manager that uses the Spaceflow platform to its fullest potential.

Morning: Embracing Operational Efficiency and Tenant Connectivity

As the day begins, our property manager, let's call her Anna, starts by logging in to Spaceflow's intuitive admin console for a comprehensive overview of management tasks in a single platform. Anna can seamlessly navigate between managing resource bookings, overseeing vendor relationships, and handling work orders.

Screenshots of the Spaceflow app
"Spaceflow plays a key role in our digital strategy. It automates time-consuming property management tasks and helps us to curate local communities and improve residents' satisfaction with a slick digital experience. We consider Spaceflow a strong partner with tech as well as market knowledge."
Director of LIV Residential, Orange Capital Partners

Anna begins her day by checking the Newsfeed that tenants view in the Spaceflow app. Here, she can engage directly with tenants, posting polls and sharing updates about upcoming events, maintenance schedules, or community initiatives. She can target specific buildings or even tenants if needed.

This direct line of communication fosters transparency and strengthens the sense of community within buildings, ultimately leading to happier tenants and reducing churn.

As the morning progresses, Anna turns her attention to monitoring meeting room bookings and visitor management. Meeting room reservations have already been set up within the Spaceflow tenant app, so space is always optimized for ease of access with zero conflicts. 

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The visitor management feature streamlines the check-in process and makes it hands-off for Anna, enhancing security while providing a seamless experience for guests who can even receive predefined access credentials via in-app invite sent by a tenant.

"A streamlined booking system with integrated access has saved us lots of time and resources that would have otherwise been spent on repetitive manual tasks such as leaving the reception to opening meeting rooms or work in multiple systems to gather correct invoicing data at the end of the month from multiple systems."
Site Manager, Vasakronan

Just before lunch, Anna has a look at the real-time ticketing dashboard to gauge requests submitted by tenants through their Spaceflow app or created by the Facilities Management team in the admin console. 

She can see the progress made on each ticket and prioritize the work order flow to the maintenance team within the admin console. As each ticket is marked “Resolved,” the tenant receives a notification of the resolution via the app followed by an automated tenant satisfaction score prompt to rate the resolution.

A screenshot of the Spaceflow app

The user-friendly Spaceflow interface simplifies complex tasks and reduces the learning curve for both property managers and tenants. Anna can navigate the platform in a few clicks, allowing her to focus her time and energy on strategic decision-making rather than wrestling with cumbersome software.

"You juggle a million things: new tenants, property visits, contracts with the suppliers, establishing procedures, etc. That's just madness! Having a tool that manages reservations for common areas without stress, that’s pure magic! Likewise, using a single channel to communicate with more than 250 tenants is very valuable for any residence manager. Tracking is very important as well. Saving time when you never have enough of it is priceless!"
Hospitality Manager, Xior/Life

Afternoon: Leveraging Data for Strategic Insights

In the afternoon, Anna jumps into the analytics dashboard of Spaceflow. Here, she gains valuable insights such as tenant behavior and satisfaction, space utilization patterns, building performance metrics, smart metering, and ticketing data. Having a bird's-eye view of the bigger picture means she can identify trends and anticipate evolving tenant needs to make informed, data-driven decisions.

Spaceflow's analytics also enable Anna to track the success of various initiatives and measure their impact on tenant satisfaction and operational efficiency. By keeping a record of all work done within the platform, Anna ensures compliance with regulations and can evaluate the effectiveness of different strategies over time.

“Average tenant churn after the first year for small apartments in Denmark is around 40%. Container Living maintains 20% as a result of strong customer relationship, loyalty and community building. Spaceflow as our go-to tenant experience platform plays an important role in achieving this result.”
CEO, Container Living

Win-Win: Effective Management and Satisfied Tenants

As the day winds down, we can reflect on the numerous benefits Spaceflow has brought to Anna’s role as a property manager. Not only has it saved her time and operational costs by streamlining management tasks, but it has also equipped her to cultivate a vibrant and engaged community within the buildings she manages.

"Automation in the building activities is our focus today. We are trying to cover our needs with technology to save time from operational activities, so we can address clients' needs better."
Workspace Manager, Ichibani

By leveraging Spaceflow's features, Anna has been able to enhance the tenant experience, foster stronger relationships with vendors, and drive better decision-making. Ultimately, happier tenants who have better access to their building contribute to a thriving community.

"When asking our community about their favourite Spaceflow feature, they often mention being able to receive quick notifications about the building with updates published straight onto the newsfeed. With instant posts and polls, no information is lost and any important changes or updates are immediately transferred to the rest of the community.”
Property Management, THE ICON VIENNA

The role of a property manager is multifaceted and demanding, requiring a balance of operational efficiency, tenant satisfaction, and strategic foresight that produces results. Spaceflow has changed the way property managers approach their responsibilities, offering a comprehensive and customizable platform that simplifies management tasks, enhances the tenant experience, and provides invaluable insights for informed decision-making.

Empowered by Spaceflow, property managers like Anna can effectively navigate the complexities of managing multiple buildings and create better outcomes for their tenants. Property managers can confidently embrace the challenges and opportunities of their profession, secure in the knowledge that they have the tool they need to succeed.

Want to know more about how Spaceflow's modular solution can empower property managers to triple the number of their managed properties? Get in touch via hello@spaceflow.io 

07. March 2024
9 minutes read


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