Meet us at UKREiiF 2024!

Meet us at UKREiiF 2024!

Meet Spaceflow CEO Lukas Balik at UKREiiF in Leeds, 21-23 May, to learn about the latest trends in tenant experience and how Spaceflow equips property owners to exceed tenant expectations.


Categories community about their community

Bringing people together and providing them with opportunities of sharing their experience, following the latest tech trends.

Community manager role. Spaceflow.

What is the role of a community manager?

The role of Community Managers is to act as a bridge between the brand and the needs of community members.

Worth the effort: healthy workplaces are an attainable goal

Worth the effort: healthy workplaces are an attainable goal

Landlords have a variety of options to build attractive, well-amenitized spaces for tenants. One of the most important is occupant health.

Community story. People In Need.

People in Need about their community

People in need provides immediate humanitarian aid. They work in more than 30 countries and try to create a vibrant community.

Community categorization. Category. Types of communities.

How do we categorize communities?

There are so many types of communities! But how to categorize them? We cover here everything from local, open or internal communities.

12 steps to create amazing tenant experience – part 1

12 steps to create amazing tenant experience – part 1

In this post, you'll learn exactly how to create the most exceptional tenant experience possible. Especially landlords, property managers and community manager will benefit from concrete tips.

Hannu Käki, CEO of

Hannu Käki: I see a demand for the broker

Hannu Käki wears a lot of hats. Currently the CEO of and the CEO at, he cut corners for property managers, brokers, investors and banks. Beyond that, Hannu is a Co-Founder of PropTech Finland.

Spaceflow community

So, what is a community?

It can be a group of people with common interest, belief or values, just as it might be a group of people living in the same space. There is no universal answer and this ambiguity is what makes it such a flexible and useful concept to work within your business endeavors.


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