Behind The Scenes: The First Month at Spaceflow

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The Spaceflow team has witnessed rapid growth and big funding news in 2022. Seeing our company culture welcome more diversity by plugging in talent from 18 countries (and counting!) is truly exciting. We recently shared the story of how Adam Danek, our finance manager, joined Spaceflowhow Patrick Beznoska pioneered our visual identity and our Senior Android Developer, Pavlo's path to Spaceflow from Kyiv to Prague. Now we have a new story to tell. 

As always, we have a new story to tell. 

Our marketing team recently onboarded Melis Karabulut, a Partnerships and Events Specialist from Turkey. In this article, we get a comprehensive insider perspective into the first month of working at Spaceflow, from the hiring process to today: Getting started as a newbie at the company, the office atmosphere, how the hybrid work style functions and what to expect from the first month being a Spaceflower. 


Getting a sound grasp of a company’s culture and vision is difficult during the application process, or indeed even in the first couple of weeks after onboarding. For most of us, it almost feels like taking a gamble and letting time tell whether there is a match of purpose, energy and values. 

I encountered Spaceflow for the first time during my job search on LinkedIn. Spaceflow's DNA, and the confident invitation that these two sentences contained sparked curiosity in me: "You know it’s Spaceflow when you meet us. We thrive when good vibes and positive energy are present, no matter what the situation is."

Seeing the company's ambitious goal of creating sustainability and digital transformation in real estate convinced me to start a new path in my career. Having met Spaceflow, I feel grateful for having rolled the dice!

1. The Hiring Process

The hiring process for my position, the Partnerships and Events Specialist on the Marketing team, had four steps: a first screening, a deep-dive, a test task, and a final interview. 

Shortly after sending out the application, I was invited to an introductory interview with Petr, Head of Marketing, which helped both sides get to know each other and see the potential in cooperation. Later on, I met Petr again for a more detailed conversation over the skills and experience necessary for the position, and how my background and growth path aligns with it. I finished a written test task using my skills and knowledge in creating content, social media and marketing campaigns. It gave me a great preview of my potential future day-to-day tasks. 

Lastly, I had a final interview with Petr and Spaceflow's co-founder, Jan, which helped me understand the company culture, working conditions and environment on a deeper level – and uncovered a real sense of alignment from both sides!

The hiring process as a whole was very positive, well-organised and timely. The company's headquarters are in Prague yet I was based in Brno, so Spaceflow offered me the option to work remotely, with occasional visits to the Prague office and access to a co-working space close to where I lived. This allowed me to stay connected to colleagues both in Prague and Brno. 

Having accepted the offer with much excitement, I met Andrea, the People Operations Lead. Petr and Andrea's warm welcome and help with everything I needed allowed me to handle the paperwork process and onboarding smoothly within a few days. With my work computer ready, my schedule and onboarding training plan set, and all of the company requirements, internal communication and rewarding systems explained, my first week at Spaceflow could begin hassle-free.

2. The first week - getting the ball rolling

My first week was about getting my hands on things that I needed to know for my position: Spaceflow's yesterday, today and tomorrow, its place among the key players of PropTech and real estate, the product, clients, partners, and the sales and marketing operations influencing partnerships and events. Having onboarding sessions with the Marketing and Business Development teams, as well as having the insightful, educational company blog made the learning process go smoother. 

Shortly after my first week, the team invited me to Prague for in-person onboarding meetings, to get more involved in the initial tasks of my position, and get my first dose of Spaceflow’s office environment. Located in Forum Karlin, in a hip and emerging neighbourhood of Prague, Spaceflow's grounds were full of sunshine, calming music, smiling faces, snacks, and good coffee! Our CEO Lukas' welcome meeting with all new employees in which he explained his vision about the company's future was inspiring. At the end of the day, Andrea was kind enough to invite me for a glass of wine and tell me some great stories about her time at Spaceflow. 

Getting the office experience allowed me to see that Spaceflowers had the freedom to plan where and how they worked according to how it served their productivity and personal commitments. Spaceflow's approach in respecting the work-life balance of its employees made me feel more committed to the company. Plus, the company's dedication to always have some online and offline activities scheduled to keep colleagues connected from London to Prague, or wherever they are, allowed us to stay connected regardless of location. 

3. Further on - an exciting quarter 

Through the second week and further on, my days became more and more dynamic, with exciting things to do and much to discover. Some of the highlights of my first few weeks included kicking off the partnership with PropTech Denmark and the PropTech Symposium campaign, as well as attending Prague Property Forum and a PropTech Vienna events, hence getting my first in-person experience of representing Spaceflow. I also helped facilitate a LinkedIn Live event on finding talent in the PropTech landscape and took initiative in enlarging our events and content-related partnerships. While I was learning new things every day, I also had focus time to let it all sink in, and educate myself more about the sector to reach a more creative stage in my own professional growth.

In between all of that, Spaceflow welcomed nine new team members, released the investment announcement with Hydda, increased its visibility with eight (and counting!) international events, worked hard on releasing the new generation of its product, continuously met clients abroad and got published in countless media outlets. I believe what most helped me have a wonderful first month was the fact that I joined the company at such a thrilling time, with endless opportunities and positive vibes all around. 

While Spaceflow worked hard for all of these major achievements, we never skipped celebrating the small, daily triumphs and the birthdays of each team member. Nor did we ever make compromises on Wednesday breakfasts, after-work drinks or team building activities.

I particularly appreciated receiving a feedback questionnaire from Andrea after completing my first month, and also having the first month and a half check-in meeting with Petr; both of which allowed me to reflect on my progress and time at Spaceflow, and also gave me an opportunity to share my thoughts and feelings about the cooperation so far. 


What I look forward to the most is representing Spaceflow at many more events around Europe, learning more about PropTech and also educating myself further to take my career and Spaceflow's success to the next level. 

05. August 2022
9 minutes read


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