How Spaceflow helps properties attain WELL Building Standard certification: part 1

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Earlier this year, we shared an article focusing on how Spaceflow can help properties achieve WiredScore’s SmartScore certification. SmartScore is a valuable certification that reflects a building’s connectivity, tech platforms, and general level of future-proofing. According to WiredScore, almost 80 percent of people who work in offices say they want to work in a technologically advanced office, so for landlords looking to stand out, attaining the certification is a good thing.

Spaceflow also helps landlords achieve another important certification: the WELL Building Standard. WELL is a certification that reflects a building’s level of attainment in regard to enhancing human health and wellbeing, and as we all know, enhancing health and wellbeing are major organizational priorities across industries these days.

The WELL Building Standard assesses properties across ten categories, plus innovation:

  • Air
  • Water
  • Nourishment
  • Light
  • Movement
  • Thermal Comfort
  • Sound
  • Materials
  • Mind
  • Community

We will cover how Spaceflow impacts and benefits each of these categories over the next few articles. For now, let’s focus on the first three.

Air and Water

The WELL standard requires properties to attain a high level of performance across the fundamental physical properties of air quality and water use. For instance, on the air side, properties need to control the amount of particulates in the air, and ensure that volatile organic compounds, potentially dangerous gases, are kept to a certain specific, safe level.

Spaceflow’s FLOW functionality, which gives managers a realtime dashboard into the measurables and metrics of their properties, allows for a clear view of CO2 and humidity levels based on the sensors properties are equipped with. Nabbing WELL takes careful data monitoring about these factors and related environmental ones, and FLOW is the perfect tool to make it easy.

Spaceflow’s FLOW functionality


The Nourishment category sets goals for how properties incentivize healthy eating by making fresh fruits and vegetables easily available and generally increasing good dietary choices. Spaceflow’s vendor management system, which allows local businesses such as residents to create profiles and then offer discounts for things like healthy menu options, provides managers an instant step up in this arena. In addition, our platform’s Newsfeed allows managers to call specific attention to healthy options such as seasonal choices or great options from the local neighborhood, as often as managers choose.

These are just the first couple categories of what WELL reflects, and just the first several ways Spaceflow helps achieve it. Look out for our next articles, where we cover more of how Spaceflow helps properties attain WELL certification!

14. October 2021
4 minutes read


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