Spaceflow is accredited by WiredScore Spac

Spaceflow is one of the world's first WiredScore Accredited Solutions – and one of the few tenant satisfaction technologies serving both residential and commercial real estate.

As an Accredited Solution, Spaceflow's systems and solutions have been benchmarked against WiredScore’s certification standards, empowering landlords with guaranteed success on how our product works.

Spaceflow is accredited by WiredScore Spac
Accredited trustworhiness

Welcome to Accredited Trustworthiness

What the real estate industry needs now is more clarity and trust on how to choose the right technology solutions for their assets,
and how to implement them.

Spaceflow addresses that exact need by launching, improving and scaling a digital tenant experience solution in buildings within global industry standards, and helps landlords achieve their SmartScore targets and certification easily.

Why Do Smart Building Technologies Matter?

We spend more than 80% of our time indoors, no matter how our living and working habits fluctuate. Innovative landlords care how important that is, and make sure their occupiers get the best out of that time. 

Smart building solutions use constantly-evolving engineering to automate building processes, therefore come as landlords' go-to tool to make occupiers' lives easier, healthier and more enjoyable; and daily operations more energy, money and time efficient.

Smart building making occupiers' lives easier
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About WiredScore

WiredScore is a property technology assessment company. It sets the global standard for smart technologies in real estate through certification and education. WiredScore evaluates, improves, benchmarks and promotes digital connectivity and smart technology in homes and offices on a global scale, ensuring that buildings provide the best-in-class infrastructure that businesses and individuals require to thrive.

About SmartScore

SmartScore is a WiredScore certification for buildings that assesses the status and success of smart building technology implementations in a specific asset. The certification is a guarantee that the building meets high standards of innovativeness, sustainability, cost-efficiency, reliability, and security; and is fully focused on user experience. 

WiredScore provides landlords and developers guidance on how to achieve the SmartScore certification. If the building meets the criteria, it is awarded one of the four SmartScore certification levels to reflect its excellence.

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53 Smartscore credits

How We Help Landlords Get SmartScore Certification

Each WiredScore-accredited smart building is accredited according to the scorecard criteria defined by a group of leading landlords, occupiers, solution providers and advisors. 

The scorecard assesses the user functionality and technological foundation based on the extent to which the ‘user story’ is implemented to solve issues and deliver the right outcomes within the building. 

Here's how Spaceflow helps landlords fulfill these two metrics. 



higher rents per 1,000 sqm compared to similar non-certified buildings


in rent for Class B/C assets compared to similar non-certified buildings


vacancy is on average 3.8% lower in buildings that are certified

Spaceflow Mobile App - tenant digital connectivity

Tenant digital connectivity

Evaluation of the core physical features and range of connectivity services that are available to tenants in a building.

Relevant Spaceflow solutions:

Spaceflow Mobile App - building system

Building systems

Evaluation of the range of building systems and their integration via software platforms that enable the delivery of smart building user story functionality.

Relevant Spaceflow solutions:

Spaceflow Mobile App - data sharing

Data sharing

Evaluation how a building goes about holistically and sustainability gathering data about the operation and utilization of systems and technology within the building.

Relevant Spaceflow solutions:

02 User Functionality

Spaceflow Mobile App - individual & collaborative productivity

Individual and Collaborative Productivity

Creating spaces that enable people to be at their most efficient and effective. 

Relevant Spaceflow solutions:

Spaceflow Mobile App - health & wellbeing

Health and wellbeing

Creating safer and healthier working environments.

Relevant Spaceflow solutions:

Spaceflow Mobile App - communities & services

Communities and services

Placing community, services and information into the hands of users. 

Relevant Spaceflow solutions:

Spaceflow Mobile App - sustainability


Improving and reporting on the sustainability of the building.

Relevant Spaceflow solutions:

Spaceflow Mobile App - maintenance and operations

Maintenance and operations

Optimizing the building’s space and systems.

Relevant Spaceflow solutions:

Spaceflow Mobile App - security


Providing a safer place where people thrive.

Relevant Spaceflow solutions:


There is no better way to learn about how exactly Spaceflow helps you get the SmartScore certification than through a conversation with our experts.
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