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Imagine this: an occupant sees a maintenance or cleaning issue in their building, reports it to an office manager because they do not know who to report it to from the building management.

The office manager then reports to the property manager and finally, property manager reports to the facility manager. Isn't there a more direct way, one does leave the occupant satisfied, too?

Spaceflow is unveiling a new feature: ticketing. Users are now able to send feedback from the Spaceflow app directly to the representative that deals with facility/space management.

Users can select the category according to the type of feedback.

As Space Admin, you can find the feedback in the Tickets section in the menu of the Admin Console.

Space Admins can also manually set who receives ticket notifications. They can delete an email, add an email, and change the language of the notification email.

Replying with a custom message is strongly recommended as that leads to well-informed and happier tenants.

The possibility of sending feedback is now possible in all buildings and spaces that use Spaceflow.

Wondering how you can utilize this in your building or space? Book a demo.

Originally written on May 20, 2019, updated on July 21, 2020.

21. July 2020
2 minutes read


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