Support your branding with a custom icon and in-app colours

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Branding is absolutely critical to any business because of the overall impact it makes on your company. At Spaceflow, we want to help our clients in brand building, as it is essential for recognition and standing out against the competition.

Our premium plan clients can enjoy the perks of a custom icon with their logo. With this feature, you can customize your app icon and empower your brand to be truly recognized by tenants every day and to distinguish from your competitors.

Hand holding iphone with custom icon of Spaceflow app

The custom icon and colours can be run in your profile if you are in the Premium plan.

01 Basic and Advanced clients can utilize Spaceflow platform with branded building profile

  • Building name and logo inside the app

02 Premium clients can enjoy fully customized Spaceflow platform with brand identity

  • Configured interface with your brand colour, logo
  • Configured user home screen icon with your brand logo

Wondering how you can further support your brand?

17. August 2020
2 minutes read


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