Looking back at Spaceflow's best new features and updates in 2022

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To continue leveraging our mission – to create digital experiences to enable better life in buildings – we need an ever-evolving product. 
In 2022, we released a brand new generation of it that allows better customization and modularity, as well as many updates to the existing features. This article summarizes the best of what's new on the Spaceflow app and admin dashboard, and examples of how to make use of them.

The new generation of Spaceflow proved to be powerful and managed to easily onboard new customers. This year's and 2023's product roadmap, as always, gets inspired by the ideas of our clients as well as the whole Spaceflow team. This gives better transparency and creativity to the product processes and empowers the core functions of our product: digital operations, community, and smart building.
David Balik Product Manager, Spaceflow

The New Generation - All About Enhanced Modularity and Customization

What is enhanced modularity, and how does it benefit me – we hear you asking. 

Put simply, Spaceflow is now made up of interchangeable components. We can add on new features, or integrate other solutions thanks to the new API version of our product. 

This way, you can turn on and turn off some of the existing features such as ticketing, dashboards or document management system according to how you prefer to use them; as well as integrate additional features such as parcel management, smart access or smart metering. This gives you flexibility, an opportunity to test and try various use cases that technology can address, and clarity on how your occupiers enjoy different features of using their Spaceflow app – because every building is different, and comes with varying needs. 

In 2022 alone, we introduced 10 more available product integrations beyond the roster of existing ones, such as Wunderbricks, Freshdesk, Ziezodan, or Accessy and others. And we keep on expanding that! 

What is more, we brought enhanced customization in almost all features of our product based on client demands. 

Let's name a few: 

While sharing a new post on the newsfeed, tenant managers can create custom tags, filter the content, navigate between the tags, or view all content at once in the admin console and the app as well.
On the My Space section, you can create up to 3 custom subsections on top of the existing ones. Feature the FAQ, public transport table, local weather forecast, CO2 reports, or anything your occupiers like.

Document Management

We know that managing documents is a bulky task while running a property. Lease contracts, building rules, energy bills… Many documents to share (and update!), with many tenants, via many emails.

Now, managers on the landlord side can add various types of inputs to a clearly defined file structure, available to anyone provisioned access, from anywhere. Be it an onboarding video or floor plan in PDF format, property managers can easily adjust the default folders (categories) or create their own. 

For example, when you are introducing a new set of rules and updates as all occupiers return to the building after holidays, the document management system enables you to handle that in less than a minute. 

Group Messaging

One-on-one messaging has always been a core feature of Spaceflow. 

This year, we introduced the group messaging feature to allow bigger groups of occupiers to socialize, plan events, coordinate meetings and discuss building news. This means that any user is able to initiate group messages with multiple other people, whether they are other users or managers. 

For example, when you are planning a secret birthday party for one of your friends, you may not want to use Spaceflow's full event functionality. Here, group messaging comes handy! When the party's over but the group conversation is not, you can simply mute the group, or hide it.

 Plus, in case you don't know everyone in the group chat, now you are able to see the user profile, where you can see the hobbies and pictures of your chatmates without having to leave the messaging area! 

Advanced Dashboards

At Spaceflow, we always believed analytics is something that empowers landlords and operators to make better decisions – on the property level and on the portfolio level. That’s why our aim has always been to serve our customers with as much relevant data as possible, to let them base building improvements on the actual needs and current behavioral trends, rather than on guesses.

Now, we are serving insights on all that is happening inside their properties: What type of content, amenities, services and events do occupiers enjoy the most? How fast does the team resolve issues raised? Which common spaces are used and when?

This type of granular data helps the property and asset management make data-based decisions –⁠ on the property, country and portfolio levels. Advanced dashboards are available for the following segments: 

  • Newsfeed
  • People
  • Tenants
  • Requests
  • Services
  • Amenities
  • Bookings


As we move into 2023, we are excited and hopeful for what the new year will bring.

We’re particularly enthusiastic about the product updates on our smart metering strategy and functionality in our platform, which will focus on making the user experience even more engaging through gamification. As the year 2022 shouted the word ESG from the rooftops, 2023 will continue to do so. Spaceflow will keep on empowering landlords and tenants on their journey to reach net-zero targets and create sustainable building communities.

Do you have a great feature idea for Spaceflow? Feel free to reach out to us at hello@spaceflow.io with your product suggestions.

20. December 2022
7 minutes read


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