About communities: Magdalena from Spaceflow

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Meet Magdalena who works as a community manager at Spaceflow for almost two years. Magdalena is an experienced community manager focusing on building communities in spaces mainly in the European market.

What do you tell people when they ask you what you do?

I tell people I'm working in a company that provides a digital layer to all kinds of buildings. My role is to share the know-how and best practices on how to implement this kind of a tech product, connect the ecosystem of the space including amenities, services, and the community itself and ensure we are building a thriving environment boosting the overall experience.

What’s the best part about being a community manager?

One exciting part of being a community manager is meeting all kinds of people, listening to their insights and points of view and building strategies that are constructed around the understanding of their needs and values. Another challenging, yet rewarding part of being a community manager at Spaceflow is changing the way people think about offices, places they live or study.

How would you describe your typical day?

Every day at Spaceflow brings a different mixture of activities revolving mostly around diverse projects (buildings) we take care of. It starts with building a strategy, connecting dots and creating a detailed plan to meet the right purpose. It continues with clients or partners meetings and workshops and ends with executing and delivering every step and result that we set out on our project roadmap. Except for this, we are continually working on internal projects together with our team to keep learning from each other and improving our processes.

Communities - Magda Spaceflow

What do you think is the best reason for building owners to use the Spaceflow solution?

To building owners, a tenant experience platform such as Spaceflow can be a truly powerful tool for improving tenants/residents' experience, but also for strengthening relationships with them, both of which lead to increased tenant retention and asset value. With a digital layer like this, the building gains a USP (unique selling point) which makes a big difference in this competitive market.

Spaceflow team

What do you like about working for Spaceflow?

Not only is Spaceflow a dynamic environment where you see the company growing right in front of your eyes, but you also get the opportunity to grow yourself and be heard. And what makes it even more fun is the Spaceflow team which is a bunch of inspiring, respectful and witty folks.

03. September 2020
3 minutes read


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