Meet us at UKREiiF 2024!

Meet us at UKREiiF 2024!

Meet Spaceflow CEO Lukas Balik at UKREiiF in Leeds, 21-23 May, to learn about the latest trends in tenant experience and how Spaceflow equips property owners to exceed tenant expectations.


How Spaceflow supports local communities

How Spaceflow supports local communities

By every indication, the world will be different after COVID-19. The last of the skeptics will come to understand that the digital world represents an ocean of possibilities. Learn here how our app helps and contributes to local communities!

Future of property management in the post-COVID era

Future of property management in the post-COVID era

How would the future of real estate management look in the new post-covid reality? Experts from Knight Frank predict key challenges.

Spaceflow App - Service offering

Spaceflow's payments functionality opens up completely new opportunities for landlords

With Spaceflow's new payment functionality, property owners have a wide range of new opportunities to add value and monetize their spaces.

Waterfront properties that leverage location

How to leverage your property's location and context to build a great user experience

One size does not fill all, for property investment as well as tenant experience. Take advantage of your unique location, situation and brand to provide high-quality experiences that captivate.

Proptech vs Covid-19

How technology is helping property managers address the challenges of COVID-19

COVID-19 is the greatest challenge many property managers have ever faced but their ability to respond through tech tools has never been greater.

A collaboration-focused office

How office owners can keep their spaces competitive after COVID-19

Despite the rise of remote work, offices aren't going away. How can owners make them as competitive as possible?

Spaceflow and virtual amenities

How to bring virtual recreation to your community to kill Zoom fatigue

Gaming is an important way to build community bonds and showcase value as an apartment manager.

The right PropTech implementations can completely overhaul any property

Five PropTech definitions real estate pros need to know in 2020

PropTech is a critical subject for real estate professionals in 2020. Spaceflow's guide to five critical PropTech terms makes the field easier to understand.


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