Meet us at UKREiiF 2024!

Meet us at UKREiiF 2024!

Meet Spaceflow CEO Lukas Balik at UKREiiF in Leeds, 21-23 May, to learn about the latest trends in tenant experience and how Spaceflow equips property owners to exceed tenant expectations.




Spaceflow ticketing streamlines the processes around reporting in one dashboard.

maintaining safety in buildings

Dense or free? Occupancy monitoring make buildings safer

Make high-use areas in your building safer by introducing occupancy monitoring. Read here about one of Spaceflow's newest features to boost tenant experience.

Spaceflow tenant engagement platform newsfeed and poll

How to create a content plan for your community in space?

To keep your community vibrant, you need to keep engaging with your community members on a regular basis.

How to plan events and amenities for a mix of generations

How to plan events and amenities for a mix of generations

Your office probably has a variety of workers across different age groups. How best to provide amenities and perks for them?

Spaceflow tenant engagement platform supports 20 languages

Spaceflow tenant engagement platform supports 20 languages

Spaceflow is a truly global tenant engagement platform. Spaceflow currently supports 20 languages: English, German, Spanish, Arabic, Bulgarian Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, French, Hungarian, Kazakh, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak and Swedish.

Ken Norton joins Spaceflow

Ken Norton joins Spaceflow as the Vice President of Sales

Spaceflow, a tenant experience company, appoints Ken Norton as its Vice President of Sales. Among Norton's goals is to accelerate the growth of our client base, while scaling Spaceflow's sales team in our international markets and optimizing the sales processes.

A major city intersection

Overcoming a tough property location

A bad location can be a real challenge for a building, but a bit of creativity can help owners overcome the obstacle.

Space-as-a-service - Spaceflow app

Enabling space-as-a-service through tech

Space-as-a-service has plenty of traditional challenges as well as new ones of its own and technology can be the answer. Here’s what you need to know!


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