The three top ways Spaceflow helps tenants implement a hybrid workplace model

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The hybrid workplace model has dominated much of the workplace and real estate conversation in 2021. In many ways, hybrid, which blends in-person and remote working, is the best way to build resilience against disruptions like COVID-19 and the Delta variant. A large number of companies seem to agree. According to new research from Morgan Stanley, 69 percent of corporations are moving to hybrid working arrangements.

Not everyone is embracing hybrid workplaces but for those companies that do, different players are finding different best practices, strategies, and approaches that work for them. Of course, none of this is a one-size-fits-all solution. Different businesses with different employees, in different industries, and different sizes, all have different needs when it comes to navigating this challenging pivot toward hybrid.

As a leading tenant experience app, Spaceflow offers hybrid workplace help via a number of high-impact methods. Here are some of the most important.

Touchless access

How quickly do you whip your hand sanitizer out after contacting a high-touch surface? Things like door handles and keypads are points of possible transmission for all sorts of illnesses, not just COVID-19. Reducing our need to touch these surfaces should be a priority for landlords even without the coronavirus making the stakes that much higher.

By supporting integrations with SALTO KS, HID, Accessy and NSP access systems, we offer touchless solutions for your staff and occupiers without even needing to leave the Spaceflow app. As we recently discussed, needing to juggle multiple apps is a pain for everyone, and with Spaceflow, your tenants will have a single application to use for the universe of their building’s services, including touchless access.

Landlord-tenant communication

Keeping tenants in the loop on policies and procedures is always important, and during the COVID pandemic it is absolutely essential. Spaceflow provides multiple avenues to facilitate landlord-tenant communication, including both a messaging function, which includes group messages, as well as a social media-style newsfeed and building profile where basic information and policies can be pinned.

Spaceflow messages feature
Spaceflow messages feature

Once again, this allows you to communicate with your tenants and update your occupiers without the need to go to a different app like email, Slack, or a cumbersome property management platform.

“The big advantage of the platform is speed, transparency and flexibility. Tenants can contact you directly via the messages function, which allows us to react to their needs very quickly. One of the aspects our tenant appreciate the most is the newsfeed. They are always up to date regarding news and building updates.“
Markus Jancik Property Manager of THE ICON VIENNA

Space reservations

Now that more people than ever are working from home, it can be hard to ensure that everyone has access to the office spaces they need, when they need them. And they do indeed need them, too. According to Chris Herd, founder and CEO of Firstbase, a company that helps companies deploy physical hardware to remote workers, "The quality of your work is increased by having time together because you have a better sense of shared empathy and coordination." So what if part of your occupier’s in-person team needs the conference room right when the remote staff planned to use it?

Spaceflow hot-desk booking feature
Spaceflow hot-desk booking feature

Spaceflow’s space reservations feature allows for clear coordination of space use between teams and individuals. With our app, everyone has the ability to reserve the spaces, desks or other amenities in their workspace, whether from home or from the open-plan office 15 feet away. What’s more, we allow different user groups to have different levels of permissions, so that some people can reserve spaces and others, perhaps guests, are more limited. Just like every other feature we include, these functionalities are available within the Spaceflow app, and don’t require opening up anything else on your phone or computer.

These are just three of the ways Spaceflow makes it easier for your property, your tenants, and their employees to embrace hybrid working in the way that works best for them. We know that this transition is as far as can be from one-size-fits all. We’re here to support you.

05. October 2021
6 minutes read


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