Spaceflow unveils visitor management system

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Spaceflow is unveiling one of the new extensions that radically improves the occupier and guest experience: the visitor management system

Boosting guest management processes through easy self-registration, this new module makes paper logs a thing of the past, and significantly decreases the reception workload. 

The visitor analytics visible on the admin console inform you about the busiest days and times of your building. Combined with the resource booking feature and occupancy sensors, it creates a powerful trio uncovering the true potential of space utilization. 

In this module, occupiers are able to pre-register guests through the Spaceflow app, enable them to check in securely in the reception area by scanning a QR code on their mobile phones and get alert notifications once guests arrive.

Let's take a look at the benefits for each user group! 

Occupiers can:

  • Invite multiple visitors (including the concierge) and customize their message for each visitor 
  • Streamline guests' arrival at the building
  • Receive a notification once their visitors arrive
  • Cancel or amend the details of a planned visit 

Visitors can:

  • Receive an email invitation (with general information, and a QR code)
  • Save time at check-in with a QR code that automatically fills in the required information
  • Do a manual check-in (without an email invitation) at the kiosk, rather than waiting for the receptionist

Landlords and property management can:

  • Track visitor flows in the space via the Spaceflow admin dashboard
  • See all relevant data in real-time (guests invited, checking in, on-site and those who left the site)

TIP: Three Compelling Reasons to Introduce a Visitor Management System at Your Office Building

Concierges/receptionists can benefit from:

  • Forgetting paper logs and utilizing their time better than writing down visitors' credentials
  • The digitized process where everything is stored in one place. 

Now, let's find out how to enable the feature on the Spaceflow platform. 

01 Get the Hardware – For each building that you want to activate the VMS feature, you need: 

  • A computer or laptop for the concierge with access to the internet
  • Stable internet connection in the reception area
  • An Apple iPad

02 Enable – For the ultimate safety of your building, only the Super Admin can do the setup of this feature via the space settings. Simply submit a request via the service desk and specify which buildings should have the VMS feature, and we will create the configuration file for the visitors' app to enable the module. 


Once the feature is enabled, the section called Visitors appears on the tenant app and the admin console. The portfolio manager, space manager and the concierge have access to the Visitors section. The module can be turned on and off per space as the needs evolve.

03 Setup – Download the Spaceflow Visitors iPad app from the App Store, and scan the configuration QR code that appears in the admin console's visitor section – and done! 

To introduce the visitor management system at your property as a new client, simply get in touch by sending us a message at


April 6th 2023 Update: Added information on new features. 

12. January 2021
4 minutes read


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