Spaceflow Product Updates – Q3 2023: Nine new integrations and better targeting

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The main focus of our Product and Engineering teams was to pave our road to help landlords with their ESG goals and provide occupiers with addressed and helpful pieces of information, namely to be able to watch their energy consumption (almost) real-time, as well as get content updates that are 100% relevant to them.

Let's dive in!

01 Better targeting 

Following the release of Channels in the last quarter, Spaceflow has been working on several iterations and upgrades of this functionality.

Landlords are now able to set a selected channel as mandatory, meaning users will always get this channel as their first choice and they are not able to unsubscribe from it. Typically, landlords choose important property and maintenance updates as the mandatory channel.

“Additionally, landlords are able to target news based on the selected characteristics. For example, an entrance within a building or a building block within a complex of properties as well as a group of users, for instance, employees, residents or frequent visitors. This is especially useful in district projects where all types of buildings exist,” explains David Balik, Spaceflow's Head of Product. Instead of forcing users to be in district profile as well as their specific building, property management can share info with everyone, or to a single specific group or a combination of several groups.

Additionally, at the beginning of the fourth quarter, we introduced the so-called cross-space interaction on Newsfeed. “When creating a new post on a newsfeed and targeting multiple spaces, a user is able to choose between creating a single post where everyone from all spaces can interact or creating multiple identical posts individually targeted to each space.”

02 Nine New Integrations and Partnerships

Spaceflow has introduced nine new integrations and partnerships in Q3. Altogether with the existing ones, we are now at a total of 30+ product integrations and partnerships available in our marketplace.

What new arrivals have we seen in Q3?

ERP/Property Management Systems:

Watson+Holmes is able to pull information about properties and tenants from variable sources and data flows and trigger it in the Spaceflow platform. As a Dutch company, for each area in the Netherlands Watson + Holmes is able to scrape the demographic developments, the current state as well as expectations in the real estate sector

Indoor Navigation:

Situm is one of the world’s leading providers of technology and positioning systems for wayfinding solutions and indoor staff monitoring. The integration allows occupiers to see their position in your premises with an accuracy of less than 5 meters without the need for additional hardware.


Fixflo. When tenants face an issue in their apartments, they can report it directly in the interface of Fixflo and arrange a repairman or any other solution to their request, without interaction through a middleman that unnecessarily slows down the process. Spaceflow enables the integration to be configured as a deep link available as a custom menu item

DixaThis integration allows property management teams to connect their Dixa account to the Spaceflow app and personalize the entire tenant service experience. Once the integration with Dixa is established, users can access the Dixa page within the app and engage with it –⁠ be it a chatbot or live assistant

Arthur is a property maintenance management software provider. The integration enables property management teams to see new incoming request tickets, along with the information on the requester, as well as comments and status changes directly on the Arthur dashboard.

Resource Booking:

Flowscape. Employees can see bookings made via the Spaceflow app on the physical screens provided by Flowscape and typically placed outside each meeting room.

Occupiers are able to see information on the booking, such as members occupying the meeting, duration and nearest free time slot.

Smart Metering:

North Q. The water, electricity and heating consumption data is displayed in the Spaceflow app and thanks to our approach oriented on the user experience and ESG, it is complemented by energy-saving tips & tricks.

IBG. Thanks to IBG integration, residents are able to watch water, electricity and heating consumption data. The data chart is available as a custom menu item.


Netgraph is a Cisco Solution Partner specializing in software defined networking environments. The company is headquartered in Sweden with established partnerships, including large Scandinavian telecommunication providers. As such, all users invited to Spaceflow get automatically access to the WiFi networks powered by Netgraph inside the space.

03 New admin dashboard navigation bar

The navigation bar in the admin dashboard has been considerably updated. As the number of functions has been growing gradually, it is easier to find what one is looking for now thanks to the navigation bar getting a minimized version and fresh look.

“Additionally, the previous version wasn't ideal when transitioning between the specific space and a broader portfolio view. We had multiple design variations, A/B tested them throughout the year and ended up with the toggle directly at the top,” comments David Balik.

"We strongly believe that when organized, there is never enough data and along these lines, one of the key upgrades of the fourth quarter will be Custom Dashboards. In our admin dashboard, we will be able to display a set of statistics and analytics entirely based on the client's request. I think our clients will be excited about this just as we are."
David Balik Head of Product, Spaceflow

04 Coming Next

We are excited about what the final weeks of 2023 bring. “We strongly believe that when organized, there is never enough data and along these lines, one of the key upgrades of the fourth quarter will be Custom Dashboards. In our admin dashboard, we will be able to display a set of statistics and analytics entirely based on the client's request. I think our clients will be excited about this just as we are,” says Balik.

Towards the end of the year, we also plan to make enhancements to the user experience and design, specifically on Newsfeed as well as a new unified button design across the app. Our focus in the admin dashboard extends to the services section where we aim for better management and vendor offering across spaces and revamped UI.

Do you have a question about these new functions or a solid functionality idea for Spaceflow? Feel free to reach out to your Customer Success Manager or kindly contact us at

20. November 2023
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