Netgraph integration

Netgraph integration Spaceflow dashboard

About the integration

Netgraph integration Spaceflow dashboard

All users invited to Spaceflow get automatically access to the WiFi networks inside the space. Likewise, users lose access once they are not employees or members anymore. That is the purpose of Spaceflow and Netgraph integration.

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About Netgraph

Netgraph is an innovator in data communications, offering a complete network connectivity solution for businesses large and small. Founded in 2014, Netgraph is a Cisco Solution Partner specializing in software defined networking environments. The company is headquartered in Sweden with established partnerships, including large Scandinavian telecommunication providers.


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MORE Integrations

Square Sense

Square Sense collects data from third-party building vendors and maintains comprehensive data dashboards for asset management. Spaceflow provides anonymized data about platform usage.


Freshdesk allows you to transfer all relevant ticket data that have been submitted from various customer communication channels automatically to Freshdesk.


This integration supports frictionless issue reporting by allowing your occupiers to create a ticket directly in the Ziezodan platform without entering personal or space unit details.


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