Ken Norton joins Spaceflow as the Vice President of Sales

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Spaceflow, a tenant experience company, appoints Ken Norton as its Vice President of Sales. Among Ken's goals is to accelerate the growth of our client base, while scaling Spaceflow's sales team in our international markets and optimizing the sales processes.

Ken Norton has 16 years of experience in business development and his expertise was recognized by the market when he was named one of the top 20 “software as a service” sales leaders in the UK (SaaS Growth by Sales Confidence 2018). Over the last 10 years, Ken has represented the UK’s most recognizable proptech companies in sales leadership roles.

“This profound experience together with his result-oriented and people-oriented attitude are the right prerequisites to achieve our goals: scale up our sales team and optimize the sales processes so we can accelerate the growth of our client base while remaining strong partners for all of our clients,” commented Jan Jilek, Chief Commercial Officer at Spaceflow.

“I have made it my business to be part of advising and launching new proptech solutions in the UK and rest of Europe over the last 10 years, so I could not be prouder of this opportunity to join Spaceflow at this incredible growth stage,” said Ken.

Ken Norton joined Spaceflow after three years as Head of Sales at LandInsight, now Landtech. Prior to joining LandInsight, he was in Business Development at Estates Gazette.

“One of our core values is innovation and that does not apply only to our product or technology solely but across the company. I believe Ken will bring a good portion of innovations to our sales team,” said Jilek.

10. June 2020
2 minutes read


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