Spaceflow delivers tenant experience software and knowledge to landlords and building operators across the globe. Spaceflow represents an operating system that integrates both physical and digital aspects to create an elevated experience for occupants.

“A PropTech company that is changing the way you do your job.”
“The tenant satisfaction platform Spaceflow has raised €8 million in funding.”
“Tenant-focused tech is a priority for landlords, and startups are here to solve it.”

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square feet (1.5M sq m) of commercial space covered


#our purpose

To enable better life in buildings.

#our vision

To be the world’s leading and most innovative proptech company driving digital transformation of life in buildings.

#our mission

We build unique ecosystems by connecting buildings with their occupiers to enable seamless access to services, amenities and smart building features.

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Spaceflow is streamlining processes and integrating building technology for both asset and property management and occupants to ensure the best possible experience in buildings.

We help our clients manage the value of their space by providing continuous data insights which enable a more precise decision-making process, and by generating additional revenue from all transactions through transforming your property into a building-as-a-service in which tenants thrive.

Spaceflow users


Your workplace, your home and everything in between… Spaceflow helps you get connected with the environments you spend most of your time in.

Spaceflow connects local services, smart building features, and community life in offices and residential buildings which improves integration, collaboration and simplifies daily life. In a single app, people can enjoy offerings from any local service, like restaurants or wellness providers, use an access system or book meeting rooms, and get news about the building and local events.


New generation of our product


Series A Investment & Strategic Partnership with Hydda

Our strategic partnership with Hydda and Series A Investment of EUR 8M connects us with a variety of different solutions on the market that focus on smarter buildings and top-notch customer experience.

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New generation of our product

We launched the new generation of our product which has further aligned our solution with current market needs via new and updated features, and opened ways for new integrations thanks to modularity.

Property & Real Estate Solution of the Year

We highlighted our leading position among the best tenant experience solutions by receiving the Property & Real Estate Tech Solution of the Year Award at Urban Tech Challengers.

Real estate events

We carried our brand awareness to an exponential level with our presence at 30 international industry events.


Fully integrated platform

Spaceflow is on the way to become a fully integrated platform and will offer cornerstone for different use cases in the building: smart monitoring of energy consumption, temperature, CO2 level, air quality, humidity and more that will cater to data-driven decision making and support landlords’ and tenants’ sustainability and wellness goals.

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New Feature: Visitor Management System

By introducing our own visitor management system we’re one more step closer to integrate the whole occupier experience. The system presents a new way of how to invite guests, make the check-ins more convenient and enable analyzing data.

Spaceflow visitor management - riverside office park
launch of a co-working space in Switzerland


10 countries

We launch Spaceflow in a co-working space in Switzerland and that becomes the 10th country Spaceflow is active in.

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COVID-19 impact

For the first time in history, we have closed partnerships with more residential buildings compared to commercial ones. With COVID-19 outbreak, we remain fully committed to our mission: to enable a better life in buildings across the world. We help landlords to support occupiers.

COVID-19 is accelerating the need for digital transformation and space as a service. Buildings have to adapt to the new reality – occupiers and tenants require to live and work in safe and healthy environments as well as flexible leases and as a result, the demand for tenant experience and technology in general rises.

Access system introduced

In order to create the best possible tenant experience, it is sometimes necessary to combine the physical with the digital. This gave rise to the partnership between Spaceflow and SALTO Keys as a Service. The integration seamless building-access movement and more.



Spaceflow was invested $1.8 million in the round led by Credo Ventures. The investment helped us to extend our product and development team and expand our presence across the world.

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Startup of the year

Spaceflow becomes the Startup of the Year in CESA, part of Global Startup Awards. The victory comes following our success in the Best PropTech Startup category last year.

Partnership with Allianz

Allianz Real Estate announces the launch of the Spaceflow tenant experience platform in THE ICON – its prime new development in Vienna.
Spaceflow visitor management - riverside office park
launch of a co-working space in Switzerland


Masschallenge recognition

Spaceflow is s one of the TOP 10 startups as recognized by the Masschallenge accelerator.

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With the first investment round, we move to our new office in the buzzing district of Prague. That becomes our European hub.

Real estate events

We visit the most important real estate events worldwide: Future PropTech, MIPIM Paris, MIPIM New York. EXPO Real. It becomes a tradition until COVID-19 halts all offline events.

Best PropTech Startup

We visit the maWe win the CESA, a part of Global Startup Awards, Best PropTech Startup award. It’s a massive thank you to our clients, the devoted team who works passionately day and night for better experiences in buildings and all our community support.ost important real estate events worldwide: Future PropTech, MIPIM Paris, MIPIM New York. EXPO Real. It becomes a tradition until COVID-19 halts all offline events.


CA Immo is our first client

CA Immo, one of the largest Austrian real estate company becomes our first client. The company chooses us as the partner for digitizing their set of 4 buildings of a total 106,000 sqm gross leasable area. CA Immo stays our client to this day.

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Spaceflow in San Francisco

From the start, Spaceflow has been created with scalability and global potential in mind. We’re going to San Francisco to one of the first proptech events worldwide.

MVP tested on Generali's building

We are so lucky! We test the first MVP on one of the prime assets of Generali Real Estate in CEE.
Spaceflow visitor management - riverside office park
launch of a co-working space in Switzerland


Digital transformation of buildings

How under-digitized buildings are. Why are occupants so disconnected from local services, amenities, community, and more? If only there is an app that connects buildings and their occupiers. These are the ideas that surrounded the creation of what is Spaceflow today.

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First usable concepts are created and first UX models are presented. The reception from the market and users confirms our vision for digitizing buildings is right.


#team 🌱

We believe in people-centric environments. Our culture is something we are proud of and always nourishing.

#passion 🚀

You know it’s Spaceflow when you enter the room. We strive for good vibes and positive energy, no matter the situation. Our passion leads us to constantly go after innovation.

#adaptability 🧠

At times, it can be challenging but thanks to our adaptability we are agile enough to find smart solutions to fulfill our vision in the changing world

#support 🧡

We support each other within and outside of our teams to make sure that everything works in synergy and our clients are happy

Meet our team






global company

Lukas Balik


CEO and Co-founder of Spaceflow

“All buildings out there need one operating system for their occupiers. Occupiers shouldn’t be expected to have to jump between multiple apps to be able to use their space effectively. Therefore, tenant experience platforms have evolved as the main building integrator, and now play a critical role as an umbrella for almost every use case you can find in a building.”

Jan Jilek


Chief Commercial Officer and Co-founder of Spaceflow

“To deliver the best experience property managers should know the needs of each individual tenant and what will make an impact on each unique community. But do they?

The reality is still typically outdated technology, with limited communication and generic approach. Every building should be using technology to constantly gauge each tenant’s needs.”


Petr Stehlik

Petr Stehlik
Head of Engineering

Anna Gäfvert

Head of Customer Success

Kunal Lala

Head of Sales

David Balik
Head of Product

Andrea Marettova
People Ops Lead

Lead Investor

"Hydda is growing fast and according to plan and aims to become Europe’s largest PropTech group. Spaceflow is our first investment outside Scandinavia and fits perfectly into Hydda’s ecosystem of leading PropTech companies. The spaces we use for working and living need a smart and easy-to-use remote control."

Total Funding Amount

$ 11M


Co-living: Gravity
Sustainable work with TSP: Office
Ressourcerækkerne by NREP: Multifamily


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