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In the dynamic world of real estate, Orange Capital Partners (OCP) stands out as a trailblazer, redefining tenant experiences with their LIV Residential platform. Operating across multiple countries with a €5 billion asset portfolio, OCP sought a holistic solution to streamline tenant-facing operations and elevate overall satisfaction.

Orange Capital Partners

LIV Residential | Build to Rent | 15,000+ units


Embracing innovation and a focus on tenant experience, OCP introduced LIV Residential as its forward-thinking brand for Build-to-Rent (BTR) properties. This initiative aimed to create a seamless and tech-driven living experience. To materialize this vision, OCP partnered with Spaceflow, entrusting them to bring the LIV Residential app to life.

"Our goal is to build consistency in property services throughout our entire portfolio."
Mats Klein Director of LIV Residential, Orange Capital Partners
OCP LIV residential building Spaceflow app


Spaceflow provides OCP with the fully branded LIV Residential app – a comprehensive tech tool integrating tenant communication, home assistance, mobile access, parcel management, community engagement, request management, and digital documentation. The result was a fully digitized experience for over 5,000 units in 30+ buildings across the Netherlands, Denmark, and Ireland, unified under one global brand. With plans to expand further.

OCP LIV spaceflow app benefits
“Being a part of this project that aims to redefine tenant experience has been an inspiring and joyful journey. We have been working closely with the OCP team to deliver the best-in-class app with unmatched UI design that digitizes the entire tenant journey as well as to decrease workload for asset and property managers via automated processes.”
David Balik Head of Product at Spaceflow

Success metrics speak volumes

“Spaceflow plays a key role in our digital strategy, enhancing resident satisfaction.”
Mats Klein Director of LIV Residential, Orange Capital Partners

Digitizing every touchpoint to elevate residence experience

OCP LIV spaceflow app support
OCP LIV tenant using spaceflow app

By seamlessly deploying Spaceflow core features, along with weaving in additional tech solutions, the LIV Residential app has evolved into the ultimate central hub for:

  1. Communications: a single point of contact integrating native Spaceflow functions and external tools like Intercom for efficient communication without clunky phone calls or emails involved. As a result, 86% of users are 'happy' with it.
  2. Communities: fostering vibrant neighborhoods through a Newsfeed and custom-topic Channels, promoting daily engagement. In the most active buildings, tenants engage with the community through views, likes, and comments in the LIV Residential app more than twice per day.
  3. Services: tenants access and utilize nearby services with ease, discovering perks, discounts, and details via the app.
  4. Resource booking and Mobile access: Seamless utilization of amenities such as rooms for studying, yoga, or the shared kitchen. In the Valby complex in Copenhagen, 5 reservations per day are made via the LIV Residential app on average! Additionally, tenants are able to enter communal spaces with the LIV Residential app only thanks to our SALTO KS mobile access integration. Tenants use it 350 times a month on average.
  5. Parcel management: real-time notifications and smart locker access for streamlined parcel handling, integrated into the LIV Residential app. In one building where smart lockers are installed, 600+ parcels were delivered within 2 months.
“The branded LIV Residential app adds significant value to our branding, becoming the go-to place for everyone to manage their lives in the building.”
Milco Jonkhout Asset Management Associate, Orange Capital Partners

Enabling tech-driven operations

We've brought the OCP team on board the platform to streamline their digital operations. What's more, numerous processes are now fully automated, thanks to the integration of multiple other solutions.

The most impactful use cases include:

  1. Documents: Access to essential building-related documents such as building rules, floor plans, FAQs, as well as tutorial videos. Tenants view documents very often (250 tenants open the documents 2,300x / month) which reduces repetitive queries for both the residents and caretakers.
  2. Requests and Feedback: Easy reporting of issues, with 99 maintenance tickets in one complex, providing transparency and accountability.
  3. Tenant & Lease Management: Automated via integration with various Property Management Systems, which creates zero manual work to set up and maintain the incoming or outcoming tenants and onboard them to the app. 
  4. Automated tenant satisfaction survey: Automated and personalized satisfaction surveys help to understand tenants' needs and challenges. Such data are priceless for LIV to track the progress in the tenant satisfaction score over time. We have achieved a response rate of 60% from active users within the first 24 hours.
  5. Insights and analytics: Dashboards summarizing tenant-facing processes, engagement, and more empower OCP on their digital transformation mission and on decision-making processes on property, country, and portfolio levels.
OCP LIV spaceflow app and dashboard - tenant satisfaction


OCP's LIV Residential stands as a beacon for landlords aspiring to elevate their building's value proposition. At Spaceflow, we are proud to be an integral part of this transformative journey. Together, we've not only streamlined operations but also created the ultimate tenant experience, all accessible through a single, user-friendly app. 

Mats Klein elaborates: “To make sure that all of our tenants get the same quality of service, we standardized the tenant-facing services with technology tools. We have multiple partners that we collaborate with for customer service, parcel management, mobile access and other tenant-facing needs of our buildings. All of these come together on the LIV Residential App. Together with Spaceflow, we created this great tech stack into one app, and integrated a lot of functionalities and features over the past year.

It's not just about technology; it's about revolutionizing how tenants interact with their living spaces.

"Together with Spaceflow, we created this great tech stack into one app, and integrated a lot of functionalities and features over the past year."
Mats Klein Director of LIV Residential, Orange Capital Partners



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