The Ultimate Tenant Satisfaction Checklist

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Real estate, historically a transactional industry without a strong prioritization of neither customer experience, nor tenant journey and satisfaction; is on an awakening journey. 

While there has been always a consensus from architects and psychologists that the environment that surrounds us, as well as the overall experience, is crucial for shaping the well-being and happiness of people, only in recent years there has been a growing acknowledgment in the real estate industry, too.

A thoughtfully designed and well-maintained building can truly make a difference in the lives of its tenants. 

To assess whether your building has a positive impact on your occupiers, here is your checklist to go through while building your tenant satisfaction journey: 

01 Community and Social Interaction

  • Do tenants have access to communal spaces where they can interact and socialize with each other?
  • Are there any community events or activities organized to foster a sense of belonging and connection among tenants?
  • Are there shared amenities like a lounge, rooftop terrace, or common area designed to encourage social interaction?
  • Is tenant-to-tenant or tenant-to-staff communication scattered between multiple platforms, or is there a one-stop tool for direct and group chats
  • Do you use mainstream social media platforms to announce news and events, or do you have a customized networking platform? 
Today, people buy values and experiences when they are renting or buying a space. What opportunities are there to socialize with the community? Is that aligned with my own values? These are the questions that they're asking themselves. Experiential emotion is very important.
Sarah-Jane Osborne Head of Workplace UK and Europe, Avison Young

02 Green Spaces and Amenities

  • Are there any green spaces, such as gardens, courtyards, or parks, available to tenants?
  • What recreational amenities are provided, such as fitness centers, swimming pools, or sports facilities?
  • Are there spaces for relaxation and meditation, such as a wellness room or reading lounge?
  • Do you have means to inform your tenant about any updates in the building?

03 Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

  • Has the building been designed with sustainability in mind, incorporating features like energy-efficient appliances or renewable energy sources? 
  • If this is an existing facility, what actions have been taken throughout its history to make the building more sustainable? Is there space for further growth in that area? 
  • Are there any recycling programs or waste management systems in place to promote environmental responsibility?
  • How are tenants being included in sustainability conversations and strategies? How do you make sure that tenants know about your company's sustainability roadmap, and how do they contribute to it? 
  • How does your building rank in its sustainability performance? How do you measure that? Is this something that you will communicate with your tenants? If yes, how? 
  • Is there an established way to track energy consumption? If so, does that encourage tenants to save energy? 
Tenants expect and need support when it comes to living more sustainably. That could be a sort of technology that provides them with data, so they track their energy consumption, and reflect on that to decrease the consumption. Gamification around that is something we're looking into, to create a sense of responsibility in a creative way. It is not just about data, but also what physical things you introduce. How people recycle, having bins that are already set for separation. No matter how much value you put into it as a business, if you don't take your customers with you, there is no way to achieve your goals. They need to be onboard, and understand why you are doing what you are doing.
George Konstantakoupolos Head of Innovation & Ventures, CERT Property

04 Safety and Security

  • What security measures are implemented to ensure the safety and well-being of tenants?
  • Are there surveillance cameras in common areas or entrances to enhance security?
  • How do you store sensitive customer data and who are the processors?
  • Is there a reliable emergency response system in case of incidents or accidents?

05 Technological Advancements

  • Is the building equipped with modern technology to enhance the living experience of tenants?
  • Are there high-speed internet and Wi-Fi available throughout the building?
  • Are there any smart features, such as thermostats, parcel management services or keyless entry systems?
  • Do tenants have a digital tool to reserve common spaces, amenities and services, or do they need to contact staff each and every time?
We observe very exciting technologies, but a tenant app is meant to serve all of the services that are in the poll. Getting access to meeting rooms, digital parcels, viewing communications, etc. It offers a one stop shop for tenants and also other parties.
Daniel Bauer Strategic Project Manager, Swiss Life Asset Management

06 Flexibility and Adaptability

  • Are there flexible living options available, such as customizable floor plans or co-living arrangements?
  • Can tenants easily modify their spaces to suit their evolving needs and preferences? In commercial spaces, are they able to sublease or go flex?
  • Is there a variety of unit sizes and configurations to cater to different lifestyles and family sizes?
  • Are the common spaces suitable for accommodating other purposes of use?
Can we use the entrance hall of an office space as a concert hall on Friday evenings? This makes sense from the sustainability perspective – if we make use of the existing spaces, we won't have to build new spaces, which saves tons of carbon dioxide.
Emy Haftor COO - Group Synergies, Hydda

07 Tenant Feedback and Satisfaction

  • Have regular tenant surveys or feedback mechanisms been implemented to gauge the level of satisfaction with the building and its amenities?
  • What are tenants' opinions on the building's ability to enrich their lives, as expressed through reviews or testimonials?

08 Health and Wellness

  • Are there any health and wellness amenities, such as a fitness center, yoga studio, or on-site healthcare services?
  • Has the building been designed to promote natural light and good air quality for the well-being of its occupants? Does the property aim for WELL certification?

09 Accessibility and Convenience

  • Is the building easily accessible to public transportation, schools, healthcare facilities, and other essential services?
  • Do you have enough parking spots? Are wall charges and  bike racks installed?
  • Are there convenience-oriented amenities like on-site laundry facilities, grocery delivery services, or package lockers?

The list is comprehensive but should not be considered as a silver bullet – consider your own unique culture, location and property and perhaps more areas questions will arise. Be sure to regularly get back to the list to see if any macro trends have an impact on what you should ask and strive for.

02. October 2023
9 minutes read


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