Spaceflow Product Updates – Q4 2023: Tenant satisfaction and new admin tools

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We charged full speed ahead toward the new year, delivering brand new features and integrations in the final quarter of 2023. Let’s take a closer look.

01 Tenant Satisfaction Score: inform your strategy with insights straight from occupiers

Ever wondered about how your tenants would rate their experience in real time? Now, it’s not only possible to find out, it’s effortless with our Tenant Satisfaction Score feature.

Spaceflow clients have the option to choose from the standard question or to create their own custom question. The question will be shown to tenants in the Spaceflow app 30 days after their first login, and every 90 days after that. 

Key metrics are available in the brand new Tenant Satisfaction Dashboard for admins:

  • Average Tenant Satisfaction with the option to filter for specific tenants
  • The response rate
  • A detailed breakdown of all users who voted with their scores and additional comments

“Property owners can access valuable insights and trends for potential churn prediction and take action ahead of time,” comments David Balik, Head of Product for Spaceflow.

In addition to making better informed decisions to improve the tenant experience based on this new source of data, property owners now have a new tool to measure the impact of their Social initiatives as part of ESG.

“A key trend we're seeing in 2024 is the increasing prioritization of ESG initiatives in real estate. The Tenant Satisfaction Score can help not only with community impact for Social initiatives, but also with reporting to track outcomes."
David Balik Head of Product, Spaceflow

02 Custom dashboards: analytics tailored to fit any need

Getting the right information in front of the right people is key to efficient property management, and our latest feature is here to make it happen.

With custom dashboards, the right data and reports are front and center for the relevant people. Your custom dashboard can filter information according to portfolio, space manager, role, and more.

"We know firsthand the important role that data plays in strategy and decision-making," says Balik, "so we've had custom dashboards in mind for some time as a key upgrade for the fourth quarter. In our admin dashboard, we can now display a set of statistics and analytics entirely based on the client's request. We look forward to seeing the results from the first clients already."

Do you want to compare the key metrics of different buildings? Want to make sure you have an easy overview of the main metrics for each asset? Your Customer Success Manager can work closely with you to create a custom dashboard to fit your requirements.

03 App updates: targeted community engagement, UI enhancements

When creating a new post in a newsfeed and targeting multiple spaces, you now have the option to choose between creating a post where everyone from all spaces in a portfolio can interact, or creating a post that individually targets each space so each community interacts only with their fellow building occupiers. 

The tenant app also got a makeover in Q4, as we updated the visual language of the buttons to improve the user interface.

“We think about every part of the tenant experience, and the Spaceflow app’s user interface plays a big role in delivering a premium experience to occupiers," says Patrick Beznoska, Spaceflow's Graphic Designer. "We make enhancements of every size to the UI to continue improving and upgrading.”

04 Parakey integration: smarter, automated access management

The Parakey integration grants occupiers mobile access via a shortcut link in the Spaceflow app. When the user registers with Spaceflow, they automatically receive an invite from Parakey with predefined access rights.

All user access permissions are managed in the Parakey admin console. Parakey is synchronized with the Spaceflow resource booking module and it automatically grants users mobile access to the booked meeting rooms and other resources 15 minutes prior to the reservation starting.

05 New for Admin: more resources and support

Have you seen the Resource Center in the admin console lately? Now you can find two new and updated resources to guide you toward success with the Spaceflow platform. 

The Knowledge Base has been redesigned and restructured, and the articles have been updated for both the tenant app and the admin console.

You’ll also see a new button in the Resource Center: Talk to a CSM. Spaceflow's Customer Success Team is here to consult with you and provide you with the tools and services to guide you on your tenant satisfaction journey. 

06 Coming up in Q1 2024

In Q1, we have new integrations planned, more UI enhancements, and Vendors & Services updates like Amenities & Services targeting.

“We are consistently implementing the valuable feedback from our clients and users. In the first quarter of 2024," describes Balik, "one of our targets is to elevate the user experience through enhancements and a fresh look within key app sections like Newsfeed and My Space. We're eagerly anticipating the launch of these exciting improvements!”

Do you have a question about these new functions or a feature request for Spaceflow? Feel free to reach out to your Customer Success Manager or contact us at

01. February 2024
7 minutes read


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