Spaceflow Product Updates – Q1 2023: New integrations and fresh dashboards

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New modules, new dashboards, new integrations, and many upgrades on existing features. As we leave the first three months of 2023 behind us, it's time to take a look back at what's new on the Spaceflow platform!

01 Advanced Dashboards: Brand New Statistics and A New Dashboard for User Engagement

We have previously announced the launch of Spaceflow advanced dashboards that empowers landlords with the vital data they need to base building improvement decisions on the actual needs of their tenants, rather than on guesses.

Now, our advanced dashboards have even more detailed, granular data.

For example, the Requests Dashboard showcases various advanced metrics such as: 

  • Month to date evolution of metrics, including submitted and resolved requests
  • Tenant's monthly average ratings per category on the resolvement process of requests 
  • Response and resolution time of requests per category

Additionally, the Bookings dashboards now showcase a heat-table showing booking trends connected to time, amenity and category.  

Plus, we introduce a brand new type of dashboard – User Engagement. This dashboard calculates the usage of each feature per tenant, shows the most active and engaged users, and marks the engagement trends by day and hour. 

Empowering the building staff with the full picture of how tenants are using the app and which features are most popular among them, these dashboards help the property management teams unlock the full potential of the user experience by knowing what to focus on in their properties. 

02 Seamless Occupier Registration

Onboarding a big number of tenants or occupiers to the app may be challenging for the property staff. To make it a breeze, we introduce a new way to do it with 8-digit Space Codes

All invited users to the building will receive a clearly-structured email, highlighting the unique 8-digit code and enter it as the first step once they download the app. Once they enter the code, they have access to all the content and features related to their space! 

As an alternative, the portfolio manager, space manager and tenant managers can share the public tenant code visible on the admin dashboard with the tenants, via any channel of choice. For example, as Microsoft Teams or Slack are the preferred channels of communication for companies, tenant managers (usually HR reps, Office Managers or People & Culture Managers) can share the tenant code via these communication tools. This way, tenants or occupiers will only need to download the app and enter the tenant code. 
A seamless tenant onboarding and keeping users engaged it's one of our key objectives. That's why we have made it our mission to make the onboarding process short, simple and secure. Occupiers will now enjoy an effortless onboarding process that verifies their identity.
Sandra Muñoz Product Manager, Spaceflow

03 New SPACEFLOW Integrations - MyPup, Intercom and Zendesk 

Our open API enables integration with many solutions addressing various needs, such as mobile access, smart mobility, and more. Last quarter, we brought the MyPup integration to empower property operators with further options for onboarding a smart parcel management system – without the need to onboard another software! 

This integration enables a hassle-free way of sending and receiving packages. MyPup provides unmanned pick-up points for all parcel flows, allowing tenants to receive, return and dispatch parcels without burdening the mail room or the reception. 

Once the parcel is delivered to the smart locker, tenants receive a push notification directly on Spaceflow's packages section, unlock the smart locker via the Spaceflow app, and pick up the delivery. 

Another integration brought to you this quarter is Intercom, an AI-driven customer service solution, combining automation and human support. 

This integration enables you to connect your Intercom account to the Spaceflow app and personalize the entire tenant service experience. 

With the established integration, users can access the Intercom page within the Spaceflow app and engage with it –⁠ be it a chatbot or live assistant.

As another benefit, we synchronize all relevant data so that you can easily identify the source of requests received through Intercom.

Finally, we introduce our platform's integration with Zendesk, a cloud-based help desk management solution that offers customizable tools to build customer service portal, knowledge base and online communities.

It allows you to transfer all relevant ticket data that have been submitted from various customer communication channels automatically to Zendesk. The integration enables end-users to receive notifications on the ticket resolvement progress by synchronizing the data from Spaceflow to Zendesk, where all the administration takes place.

Take a look at all the native integrations on our Marketplace

04 Upgraded Feature: Visitor Management System (VMS) 

Spaceflow unveils a new version of its visitor management system that radically improves the occupier and guest experience. 

Boosting guest management processes through easy self-registration,the module makes paper logs a thing of the past and significantly decreases the reception workload. 

Now, users can cancel or amend details of a planned visit, invite multiple visitors (including the concierge!) and customize their message for each visitor. Plus, property operators can turn this feature on and off as their building's needs evolve. 

Learn more about the feature and how it works

05 Other Releases & Upgrades 


  • Book on behalf – Portfolio managers or space managers can book an amenity or service on behalf of occupiers via the admin console. The booking window displays a drop-down selection option to book for yourself or on behalf of others. Typically, this can be used by office administrators or company community managers to book on behalf of the employees. When the booking is completed, the tenant will receive a confirmation email indicating the person who created the booking. 
  • New colors on bookings – To help the property staff better-orient bookings, we have brought a coloring system. Find them on the amenity details of each amenity.
  1. Orange: regular bookings
  2. Purple: bookings with additional services
  3. Green: bookings with private notes
  4. Grey: bookings with additional services and private notes

Time Zones – To avoid confusion with bookings and opening hours in different time zones, we have added a time zone-picker per space, rather than per user. You may enable this feature in the space details' time zone section, and all the data will appear in the selected time zone! 


Push notifications – Now, all users receive push notifications when a portfolio manager, space manager or tenant manager uploads a targeted document, shares a property announcement, or changes arise in the events that occupiers register to.

06 Coming Next in Q2 

As we move into the second quarter of 2023, we are excited for what the next few months will bring. In our Q2 horizon, we plan to launch two new, highly-functional integrations and further improve our advanced dashboards. 

Do you have a question about these new functions or a great feature idea for Spaceflow? Feel free to reach out to your Customer Sucess Manager or kindly contact us at

06. April 2023
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