Meet us at UKREiiF 2024!

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UKREiiF is coming to Leeds this month, connecting people, places, and businesses to accelerate and unlock sustainable, inclusive, and transformational investment. Spaceflow CEO Lukas Balik can’t wait to meet you there!

As tenant expectations continue to shift further into the sphere of hotelization, property owners find themselves scrambling to keep up with the latest trend in the new era of tenant experience and life in buildings.

We’re here to help.

As one of the first tenant experience platforms in the industry, Spaceflow is uniquely positioned to equip property owners with the tools and support they need to exceed tenant expectations and embrace digitalization.

Find out more at UKREiiF

  • How does tenant experience play a role in satisfaction and retention

  • What is hotelization and why do tenants now expect the same quality of service that they get in hospitality?

  • How can you balance tenant expectations, investor requirements, and operational demands all while achieving ESG goals?

  • How does the Spaceflow platform empower you to supercharge your brand and realize the full potential of your property?

  • How did Spaceflow empower Orange Capital Partners' LIV Residential BTR platform to streamline tenant-facing operations and elevate overall satisfaction?

Spaceflow is the platform for the new era of life in buildings. Explore the possibilities with us at UKREiiF 2024.

14. May 2024
2 minutes read


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