About communities: Anna from Spaceflow

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Welcome to our new series "About Communities" on our blog! Here you can read some fruitful insights from the experienced community builders we've interviewed.

Let's meet Anna Gäfvert Veloso who works as a Head of Community Management at Spaceflow.

What do you tell people when they ask you what you do?

I tell them I work with implementing and running communities in buildings. It’s hard to define this role in detail as it is so versatile and comes with many different responsibilities. I think the best way to describe it to someone who doesn’t know about community management is to say it’s a way to improve the experience for people through the community. It involves creating engagement among people and providing a platform which is offering that icing on the cake for people’s everyday lives.

What’s the best part about being a community manager?

Not only do you get to contribute with a unique experience for people through the technology we provide but also seeing the results of what a community can bring to people. For some, it might even be life-changing in terms of career and personal development to be a part of a community and making this available to everyone is the best part of being a community manager. Being a community manager is also about changing people’s mindset around the place they work, live or spend a lot of time in.

How would you describe your typical day?

There really is no day that is the same as the other. A day can involve everything from helping clients to set up the platform, leverage their communities and train staff. It can also involve planning new project launches, events and content strategies in buildings together with the team. In the team, we constantly keep each other in the loop on new projects, both internal and external ones, which is an important part of the day too. Some days there is a lot of client contact and support while others involve more planning and strategizing together with the team.

What do you think is the best reason for building owners to use the Spaceflow solution?

The main reason I would recommend any building owner to use Spaceflow is to improve the overall experience of their building and become more attractive to the very competitive property market. Buildings are often just a shell in which we enter and exit to do our daily work, chores or live our daily lives. If you can give people a whole new experience you will ultimately increase the value of your space. There are endless ways on how to leverage a platform like Spaceflow once you become a bit creative and think outside the box.

24. November 2019
4 minutes read


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