How to use event planning to give tenants the outdoor time they need

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Proptech is encouraging innovative ways for property managers to engage with their tenants. While many of us are finding it difficult to form a community, Spaceflow is here to provide you with the tools and ideas to cultivate a friendly environment in your properties, easily.

As we discussed in our recent article, apartment amenities and events can directly improve leasing efficiency and rent length. “The yoga class, the pool party, the summer barbecue, even the gorgeous lobby space–each of these is an opportunity for a resident to share a photo on social media,” argues Logan Nagel in the article.

Here's a just handful of ideas for outdoor events.

Host a cookout or a BBQ night

When theres food, people come and why not encourage potluck dinners, homemade fries and encourage everyone to spend their evening in a plan by using Spaceflow to create events and ask occupiers who will come and what they will bring! Keep the congestion limited by separating seating arrangements and remaining outdoors, which is approved by most governments for small gatherings.

Outdoor yoga or workout sessions

Let’s face it, everyone wants to stay in shape and keep their fitness regime up to date! And what better way to do activities either in a local park or an agreed meeting location. Create a fitness event and make wellness your top priority.

Encourage tenants to garden

Keep the lawn trimmed, do gardening classes or start a garden. Even though gardening may seem tedious and mundane, it encourages everyone to put something in together as a team and work together to maintain a healthy garden. People can send photos of the garden, help out, and feel part of a community.

Decorate for the holidays

Use Spaceflow to send friendly reminders of the upcoming festivals and try to find activities your tenants would like to do together such as putting up decorations or do themed runs. Use the poll feature to find popular opinions amongst your tenants to choose activities and alert them on holiday events.


Staycations are becoming quite the trend since traveling is still uneasy and requires either quarantines or expensive testing. And while it may take some extra creativity, invite some of your tenants to themed events such as a luau or swimming pool event to make it feel like a holiday without the stress of cancelled flights or excessive spending.

Encourage kid activities for those with families

If you know there are children in your property, try to find local projects or games the whole family can enjoy. Or host a school supply drive where locals can distribute notebooks and pens for the upcoming school year.

Build a community that thrives on interaction in a healthy and safe atmosphere. Take advantage of the tools provided on the Spaceflow app and admin dashboard such as messaging, polls, events and continue to follow safety requirements such as wearing masks and keeping gatherings appropriate to local regulations.

Get inspired by the story of Ressourcerækkerne, a property operated by Cobblestone in Copenhagen, Denmark, that successfully leverages events and event planning to foster the building community.

07. June 2021
4 minutes read


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