How Spaceflow boosts daily property management time effectiveness: Part 2

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While Spaceflow is an advanced software platform that can do a lot for managers that really dive into it, we know how important it is to property managers that their tools are easy to use, solve real problems, and save real time.

That’s why we recently shared an article featuring three of top ways Spaceflow saves property managers time during their real world work week after week: the three big time sinks of visitor management, maintenance management, and tenant communication.

Those aren’t the only ways Spaceflow helps time-pressed managers conquer their work, though. In this article we’ll cover three more of the most impactful ways Spaceflow saves time and increases performance where it counts the most.

Onboarding new occupier employees

How many occupier firms tenant your space? And how many employees do each of those businesses have? How involved are you or your management staff in the onboarding of each one to your building? Someone has to tell new employees how to get to their spaces, use their services and perks, submit maintenance requests, and reserve rooms.

If you or your management teammates are responsible for these duties, Spaceflow will save them a ton of time by allowing for easy sharing of important policy documents, user access credentialing, and space reservation services.

Spaceflow features

But with most larger properties, the majority of new employee building onboarding tasks are likely handled by the facility management professionals at your occupiers themselves. It’s up to those facility managers, employees of other companies, to properly explain your building’s access systems, amenities, directions, and space use features. If they communicate these things well, everything is good. But if they fail to communicate properly, give confusing information, or even badmouth your building, that comes back on your team and your property. It’s the individual employees that corporate space planners listen to when deciding on whether to extend their leases, after all.

Spaceflow helps managers avoid this situation by providing all those features we discussed above, from access control credentialing to policy and instruction document sharing, to your occupier’s facility management teams. In this way you’ll be able to ensure a greater degree of quality control for much less effort.

Reserving common area spaces

Many of the best buildings out there have extensive common area amenities and multifamily buildings in particular tend to lean on many of these features as differentiators in crowded markets. Maybe it’s the recording studio, game area, screening room, or stage for open mic nights that makes your apartment building that much more cool and attractive to renters.

Whatever amenities you offer, having a way to easily reserve them can be the difference between satisfied renters and ones that complain about their much-hyped amenities never being open and available. For some landlords, this important, potentially stressful process is managed with pen and paper, resulting in frustration for both managers and occupiers alike.

Enter Spaceflow’s Resource Booking System, which gives your residents or tenants the ability to easily reserve space or services in your building for specific times and dates, eliminating miscommunication and helping you avoid letting down your occupiers. Resource booking is one feature that Hélène Menschaert, Hospitality Manager, of the ARC co-living space in Belgium, particularly appreciates.

“When you launch a new project, a new residence, you end up juggling all the work, the visits, the supplier contracts, the arrival of new tenants, the establishment of new procedures, etc,” Hélène said. So having a single communication channel to use with all these stakeholders is something she finds very useful. And, she added, “Having a tool that manages reservations for common areas without having to worry about it, it’s just magic!”

Building community loyalty

How many hours do your managers or yourself spend planning events and activities for your tenant community? Do you run a loyalty program or perk club offering discounts to local businesses?

Anyone who has ever tried to plan a tenant event or hunted for local businesses interested in participating in a discount club should know how time consuming these tasks can be. It’s like a job within a job, between scheduling entertainment, budgeting food, dealing with community partners who may be more or less agreeable, and managing attendees registering late or failing to show up.

Spaceflow can make this process easier with features that improve communication and planning for your team members. With the ability to post, invite, and charge for events, as well as a sophisticated vendor management system, it’s easy for managers to use Spaceflow to build local discount clubs and execute even complex events. No more confusion between emails, texts, and calls – with Spaceflow, your event communications stay in one place, easy to manage.

These are just three more of the best ways Spaceflow boosts efficiency and saves time. We’ll be back soon with more!

03. January 2022
6 minutes read


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