Highlights from reSITE 2019 Regenerate

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We’re just hours away from reSITE 2019 Regenerate, the standout urbanism conference held in Prague. The event will seek to answer questions like how to balance the competing, yet simultaneously necessary goals of heritage preservation and urban expansion, and what design approaches are going towards making cities welcoming and even fun for people young and old.

While reSITE is a huge event with a wide range of thought-provoking discussions on the agenda, a few conversations will be particularly interesting for professionals involved in commercial real estate. An immediate standout is The Promise of Digital Twinning, led by consulting firm McKinsey & Company, will likely be interesting for owners and facility managers interested in the future of how building sensor networks and utilities are managed. The next step for digital twins will likely take place at the city scale. How will individual properties fit in?

One of the highlights of last year. Sou Fujimoto. Photo courtesy of Tomáš Princ: Photographer & Filmmaker 

Another highlight will be Thursday’s morning block of content, Gardens in the Machine, which will feature discussions with designers and business leaders exploring the inspiration to be gained from the natural world, particularly in regards to tackling challenges like natural disasters. Biophilic design has been a hot concept in real estate and design for some time now; this conversation looks set to expand that to the next level.

Meanwhile, Friday’s opening content block might be more relevant to multifamily professionals: Generations block will seek to gain insight into the way factors like aging and inequality will affect young and old alike. These demographic groups face their own unique challenges, whether they be housing affordability or the mounting pressures of property maintenance; the diverse group of speakers, including designers and public officials, will certainly have some exciting conversations.

While the focus of the event is certainly on the city and not the individual building asset, the reality is that the context buildings exist in is critical to their success not only in business but in impacting positive social change. With that in mind, the other four segments of reSITE will be important for built environment professionals, as well. The Art of City-Making will explore the role of artists and art in the city, particularly in regards to trend-setting and gentrification. And Not-So-Smart Cities will look at the role of sensors, technology, and privacy in the connected urban centers currently popping up around the world. Make No Little Plans aims to take a dive into the world of mega-projects focused on urban redevelopment, and in particular how to avoid the bland design and poor results of these initiatives. Finally, East Meets West will consider the role of China’s long-lasting construction boom, and the situation that it has left the country’s cities in today.

Regardless of your industry role or particular property focus, reSITE will put real estate into perspective thanks to the governance, business, and design thought leaders present.

18. September 2019
4 minutes read


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