Five tips for commercial property managers amidst the coronavirus outbreak

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Let’s face it, many of us are not prepared enough for emergencies and might not always know how we can help occupiers. However, in times like these we’ve seen communities becoming stronger than ever and the people who stand out as leaders are those who are the best at communicating calm and clarity in stressful times. 

We want to help you leverage our platform for just this, so we've gathered some tips based on research from our global property managers below. Catch our advice for residential managers here, too.

1. Pin a post with your COVID-19 preventive measures.

Give your occupiers peace of mind by telling them what you are actually doing to maintain a safe environment in your building. To take it a step further, add a date near the top of your post and keep it updated, adding new comments and deleting out-of-date information every day. The point is to show your occupiers that you are staying engaged, active, and following the latest advice on the outbreak.

2. Support your locals.

While many local businesses have been forced to close their doors to the public, some are still open for take-aways or delivery. Take a few minutes to research your area and promote the local businesses around your building. The connections you make now will likely last a long time. Who'd complain about getting friendly with the local gym offering virtual classes, for instance?

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3. Give your community a space to communicate about the current situation.

If there are still some of your occupiers who have not yet signed up to the app, take this opportunity to send them invites through our “invite user” function in the admin zone. Once they are on, here are some tips to keep them engaged from home.

4. Stay connected.

There are still ways to socialise while being smart about social distancing. Even though in-person gatherings are to be avoided, you can organise virtual events to help establish and maintain a positive atmosphere. Why not plan a virtual after work, game night or a home sports challenge such as 14-days of yoga or 100 squats a day? Seemingly small things can mean a lot in tough times.

5. Develop a return-to-work plan.

For those of you who are managing commercial buildings, keep in mind your occupiers will return to work with different expectations around cleanliness and safety in the workplace. They'll all want great communication and a stress-free process, though. What is your plan to meet these expectations?

Here are other key areas to drive action to return tenants back:

Are you managing residential projects as well? Read our tips for residential property managers here.

31. March 2020
4 minutes read


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