Dense or free? Occupancy monitoring make buildings safer

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As we pointed out in this article, maintaining safety in buildings must be the top priority for any property management team these days. This will create the need for more data in order to optimise such services.

Monitoring well-trafficked areas is one of the way to do this.

Allianz Real Estate uses an integration of sensors in their canteen, so occupiers can see the capacity in real-time from their mobile phones. Thus, they can check when it is a good idea to visit and when it is better to wait, not only for convenience but also as a preventive measure in times of COVID-19.

This integration of data outputs from IMAS sensors is the latest addition to an idea of tenant experience apps being an umbrella of a holistic approach, where different technologies plug into one app.

Feel free to contact us if you plan to integrate technologies to elevate the experience for your tenants.

Wondering about other areas how to build trust and give confidence your building is safe? Here are key areas to drive action to bring tenants back to your office building.

10. July 2020
2 minutes read


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