3 Community tips for 2020

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The year 2020 approaching means that revising, evaluating past activities and planning new ones culminate towards the end of the year. To inspire and help you move your community to the next level, we would like to present you with some of the latest trends in the community industry.

Online and offline activities should be balanced.

There is a clear interest in taking online communities offline and vice versa. If there is nothing but a virtual bond between people, it can be easily disrupted. If there are nothing but offline activities, your community members probably miss out on an opportunity to communicate and share their thoughts and ideas effectively with others after a face to face gathering.

Get to know your community members, really...

The competition is increasing every day. What can distinguish your community from others might be that you are able to react to members’ needs very promptly. Find ways to listen to members, collect feedback, evaluate your community activities and create flexible internal processes that would help you to prioritize and implement new ideas.

Listen ➡️ Collect Feedback ➡️ Evaluate ➡️ Prioritize ➡️ Implement

The community industry is growing.

Many companies are celebrating success with their communities. The industry is rapidly growing and there are more and more community building experts on the market. Don’t hesitate to ask for help. For many of us, the community manager role is pretty new so we can avoid the mistakes that were made by more experienced community managers. Spaceflow can help you a lot as well. We send a monthly newsletter, write articles about community building and moderate a Slack channel.

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17. December 2019
3 minutes read


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