5 steps to support tenants' wellness plans

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It is an undeniable fact that health is a major factor when it comes to leading an overall satisfactory life and performing well in both careers and personal lives. 

However, wellness plans, much like new year resolutions, are well-meaning and seemingly achievable goals that occasionally wither with time. In the ongoing isolation period, we need to forge new paths to support tenants in their wellness goals. Having a goal is good, but creating a place that fosters a healthy lifestyle produces employees who are happier and more productive. By encouraging wellness goals you can create an environment that thrives. Here are five steps to inspire a better lifestyle for your tenants.

Focus on community lifestyle

Having a friend or group committed to similar goals will encourage people to succeed. Use the admin dashboard to inspire occupiers to find people in the building community who want to start a yoga group or a run club for instance. Promote amenities that will help them to host these events regularly.

Making wellness a priority for your community

Engage your members to make health a top priority. Cheer on others who are trying to smoke less by encouraging them to take less smoking breaks. Boost others' passion for cycling to work by providing showers, locker and other amenities that cater to them. When the situation allows, brighten Friday afternoons by organizing a team-building sport such as a volleyball or soccer match in your property's proximity.

Encourage healthy lunch breaks

Nutrition is pivotal in creating long-lasting results; mentally and physically. By providing discount codes (and other perks) for healthy alternatives instead of a donut bakery – individuals will feel better about themselves and about their work. As well, eating light carb lunches helps individuals feel less fatigued in the afternoons. Send out community competitions, or encourage your members to have a day, for example, a Monday where everyone eats fruit and vegetable salads instead of sugary treats.

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Team up and volunteer

Support your building community by encouraging members to volunteer in organizations nearby. This will get your members involved and, by helping others, it will foster a sense of growth and achievement.

Stay up to date with regulations

Let’s not forget we are still living through a global health crisis, and now more than ever we need to keep track of our health. Stay up to date with regular country and city guidelines and inform others of recent changes, support people to wear a mask by providing the gear for free, and ideally provide a space for testing as well.

Written by Brittney Pilarcik, edited by Petr Boruta, Tereza Krpcova

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23. March 2021
4 minutes read


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