4 Tips to engage your community by WorkLounge

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Without community engagement, you can’t continue running a good community and you won’t have any interaction. Have a look at some tips by Žaneta and Alissa from WorkLounge.

Lounge and Learn

People love to share things about themselves with others. WorkLounge came up with the concept Lounge and Learn - once a month during launch break members can share experience and new ideas from different fields.

Monday Breakfast

People love to be entertained and at WorkLounge they know it. That is why they organize a gathering every Monday with coffee, music, and fun!

WorkLounge platform

WorkLounge has developed its own online platform, where their members can chat, reserve meeting rooms, etc. Tip! Do you know that Spaceflow app can help you create a vibrant community? Have a look!

Community Manager is a Gardener

You can find a parallel between community management and gardening. A gardener has to properly care for their flowers. A gardener helps the flowers to grow, that means he or she creates a healthy environment with relevant opportunities. And Community Manager does exactly the same for their members.

Community story, WorkLounge

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16. April 2019
2 minutes read


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