3 Tips for your international community

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On June 19, Spaceflow hosted a second Community Builders Meetup in Prague. We collected 3 tips from 3 community managers (HubHub, Impact Hub and In-Spiro), who were asked in the panel discussion "how to communicate with your international community."

It is essential to understand your audience. The community members are the fuel that keeps the car running. They come from different places, countries and may speak different languages, but they all share one thing – the community. The community belonging is something that connects all these nationalities and different backgrounds. Below, you can find 3 tips which could help you with your international community.

1. Create your own community voice

Try to develop your own style of communication. If your way of communication is distinguishable, not only will it help you build a community belonging among members, it will also attract new people who are relevant to your community.

2. Create different communication strategies

Some people are introverts and having too many people around drains their energy. Try to create an environment that gives those people an opportunity to be heard. It is one of the key roles of every community manager - to enable each member to be heard. Read the article How to create a content plan.

3. Don’t be afraid to try new things and experiment

Especially in the early stages of building your community, the members may not be used to communicate with you that much. The most efficient way is to try new things and soon you will recognize what activities and type of content your community members need and like. And don’t forget that building out an international community does not happen overnight. Listen to your audience and try to react on its needs all the time.

19. July 2019
3 minutes read


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