12 steps to create amazing tenant experience – part 1

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We live and work in a golden age of the tenant experience. There are numerous reasons for this. Competition across different markets and product types has produced more options for each tenant, helping the typical renter find exactly what he or she wants. Advances in technology have allowed a range of new services to hit the market, offering everything from on-demand dry cleaning to thermostats that leverage AI. And smarter management companies are offering better tenant services.

While things have gotten better for tenants, many landlords may be left wondering how they can stand out in such a crowded market, especially if their building is older or in a less-central submarket. This article is the first of a two-part series that will propose 12 steps landlords can take to create the most exceptional tenant experience possible.

Utilize a tenant relations platform

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1. Choose a platform

The days of the cluttered office cork board are behind us. In a busy world of constant social media engagement, the right digital tenant relations platform can act as a homepage for your office and your tenant communications as well.

It can also give your tenants a vital line of communication to you, and provide you as an owner an easy way to share messaging, opportunities, or advisories with them. All in all, create a real-time relationship. For instance, Spaceflow helps owners curate amenities, communicate with tenants, and analyze tenant engagement data.

2. Nail the rollout

Choosing a platform is the first step, but ensuring that your tenants adopt it is just as important. Perhaps begin by offering complimentary services or local discounts only available through your platform. This will help “hook” your tenants and build a successful first experience.

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After that, target those tenants who are lagging behind with direct, custom messaging straight to their inbox. Or target them offline, and share physical informational materials directly at their desks.

3. Keep the content flowing

"Once your tenants have been onboarded into the platform, keep them coming back with a regular content calendar."
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It’s important not to overwhelm your tenants with filler content, like all those push notifications we get on our phones - rather, do the legwork to uncover relevant local events, activities, and even occasional contests or raffles.

By keeping your tenants occupied with a consistent schedule of content on your tenant relations platform, you’ll keep them happy, engaged, and more willing to renew their lease at the end of their term.

Provide great physical amenities

4. Get creative with shared areas

There’s no reason why “business as usual” has to be the way your building operates. Particularly if your building is a little older or farther away from downtown, nap pods, fresh food vending machines, and hideaway desks all offer a level of amenitization that will help your facilities shine.

By making these spaces stand out, you’ll be adding a unique differentiator between your property and the competition.

5. Equip spaces for 24-hour use

Everyone can think of a workout room, sitting area, or cafeteria that only sees use once or twice a day. These spaces are great at what they do but by their very nature discourage use throughout the day - no one is going to use the gym at 10am. The solution? Mix it up.

Spaces for 24-hour use

Equip your lunch room as a breakout room when the lunch rush passes. Keep a sitting area in your gym, so tenants can use it to take a break from work when people aren’t busy working out. Take those breakout rooms that only see a few meetings a day and outfit them for conference calls.

"By keeping your spaces active throughout the day, you’ll be saving on operating costs that would otherwise go towards “dead”, unactivated spaces, and adding another use type for your tenants to benefit from."
Logan Nagel Content Specialist

6. Keep psychology in mind

The psychology of design is a field rich with content. While many researchers and laymen have concocted theories as to which color means what, ranging from legitimate to fringe, you don’t need to take such a micro-scale approach to your space. Consider that rotating through a series of minor, easily-reversed decorations can communicate that you’re paying attention to your tenants.

If you have a portfolio of properties, rotate posters and wall art through them for a few weeks or a month at a time. Utilize IoS-enabled, color-changing light fixtures like Philips Hue or Nanoleaf or smart speakers to communicate different energy levels throughout your common areas over the course of the day.

Wondering how to jumpstart tenant networking or get in front of your tenants with your other services. Read the second part of 12 steps how to create amazing tenant experience.

12. May 2019
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