With the right digital layer, your building is no longer just concrete and rebar. Our tenant experience operating solution keeps your property future-proofed for an ever-changing world and drives greater tenant satisfaction, engagement, and efficiency whether your property is a build-to-rent apartment, student accommodation, coliving space or an office building.


Attracting new tenants and retaining existing one 

Ineffective approach to the management of tenant-facing operations

The property community being detached from ESG goals


Higher retention and maximized revenue thanks to better service and amplified brand value

Unified and simplified management tenant-facing operations in a single digital platform

A property community that is ESG-goals-aware and engaged


Only the most innovative firms are able to stay ahead of the rapidly changing real estate industry. Spaceflow empowers the innovators with a modular tenant experience solution that offers property teams exactly what they need, when they need it.

How Spaceflow helps:

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Justify rental increases

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Boost retention & attract new leases

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Offer personalized services

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Slash OpEx and time sinks

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Harness ESG data & alignment with tenants

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Leverage & integrate existing digital tools 

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Spaceflow ticketing


Improve tenant satisfaction by making maintenance pain-free. Set up request categories, permissions, selectively involve the right managers, and track communication all from our app.


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Automatic request assigning

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Gather request feedback

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Request dashboard

how does it work?

How does it work?

01 The tenant manager creates customizable, space-specific request categories such as cleaning, maintenance or lease inquiries, and assigns relevant building staff to each category.

02 The tenant submits a new request by selecting the relevant request category.

03 The tenant manager keeps track of each new request in their dedicated columns, such as new request, in progress or resolved; as well as the comment thread relevant to each request. This helps the tenant stay informed about the progress of each request.

04 The issue is resolved! The tenant manager marks the request as resolved. The tenant receives a satisfaction rating and gives feedback on the issue-resolving process.

As simple as it gets!

Spaceflow document management

Digital documents

Organize and share important documents with your occupiers. Distribute leasing agreements, building policies, floor plans, fire escape routes and other critical documentation from anywhere.


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Easy distribution of all important documents

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Custom-defined categories

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Set viewing privileges

Spaceflow resource booking

Resource booking

Let your space users reserve any space or amenity in your building. From parking to meeting rooms, Resource Booking makes your space frictionless.


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Watch space-usage trends 

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Easy resource setup

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Customize booking length

Spaceflow occupier communication

Messages & Groups

Do your tenants want to plan a small group event, or connect with each other?

Allow tenants to socialize, plan events, coordinate meetings, and discuss building news via one-on-one or group messaging. Help all building occupants communicate better, from one channel.


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One-on-one and group messages

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Multi-level communication

Spaceflow occupier communication

Community engagement

Empower your tenants with a user-friendly newsfeed where both building management and users can share events, polls, news, announcements – you name it.

Plus: For any type of content you share, you get instant feedback with likes and comments from your community.


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Let users add posts

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Ask questions in Newsfeed 

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Let occupiers engage with your content

Spaceflow event management

Event management

Plan and execute events that wow your occupiers with Spaceflow’s suite of tools. Let managers and space users alike post, share, and publicize events for your community. 


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Monetization options

Icon - people

Set event capacities

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Grow your community

Spaceflow vendors and services

Vendors and services

Manage your property’s vendors and service providers from one central hub. Improve the occupier experience with a local business directory and special discounts and perks.


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Invite local businesses

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Share coupons

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Build community loyalty

Spaceflow visitor management

Visitor management

Decrease your reception workload and enable disruption-free space access for clients and guests by allowing your space users to invite and pre-register visitors. Empower your managers with visitor analysis tools that help them understand and respond to visitor trends.


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Track access via QR code

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Speedy check-in via tablet

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Review visit trends

Spaceflow mobile access

Mobile access

Allow occupiers to access your building with just their phone and the Spaceflow app. Set access controls and track access trends over time.


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Touchless access

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Room-based access levels

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Access control integrations

Spaceflow smart metering (FLOW)

Smart metering (ESG)

Monitor your building’s vital data on energy consumption, air quality, occupancy level and more, all in one easy-to-read dashboard. Ensure compliance with national and local requirements, as well as your company’s and your tenants' ESG goals. This helps you optimize your operations, use energy efficiently, reduce costs, and reach sustainability targets. 


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Track your building's progress in ESG compliance 

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Decrease energy costs

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Build your sustainable future

how does it work?

How does it work?

01 Analysis of your properties, review of technology used

02 Transferring the data from the existing sensors to the Spaceflow platform via an API integration

03 The data is displayed in the Spaceflow admin dashboard and the Spaceflow app

Spaceflow OS

Spaceflow OS

Our OS is the heart and soul of Spaceflow. It enables a fully modular approach to digital building operations, supplemented by strategic integrations with your sensors, access control tools, and other partners. With the OS available in all plans, you can easily set up both portfolios and single properties and analyze all your data.


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Portfolio and spaces settings

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Tenant management

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Building-to-tenant communication

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Customisable building menu

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Data and analytics

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Access to API 

Custom newsfeed tags


Create custom content categories according to the type of post that you wish to share and interests of your property community. Community news, social activities, interest groups… You name it.
Let occupiers navigate through various types of channels and posts, as easy as it can get. 


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Create custom content categories

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Users are able to filter content and switch between channels

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Users can personalize their newsfeed based on interests


Parcel management

Allow your building staff to manage parcel deliveries, and your tenants to track upcoming parcel orders and their status, stress-free. Once the courier delivers the parcel, the tenant receives a push notification that the package is ready to be picked up. No need to download any other app: Spaceflow offers native integrations with parcel management providers like Blocks, MyPup or Parcel Tracker. 


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Streamline parcel deliveries 

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Decrease receptionist workload

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Declutter your mailroom



Not sure how satisfied your tenants are with life in the building, or what amenities or events you should introduce?

Establish a true understanding of tenants' needs and demands via polls, and provide solutions to their challenges. Improve their satisfaction by letting them know that they're heard.

Track the success of your initiatives with the Tenant Satisfaction Score survey sent to tenants every 90 days in the Spaceflow app.


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Ask questions in Newsfeed and gather opinions in polls

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Stay in touch through Messages

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Automatically collect feedback via in-app survey


Our Admin Dashboard is the digital command center for management staff. Use it to stay on top of building communications, iterate based on detailed analytics, and provide valuable services when occupiers need them most.

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Managing your buildings effectively

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Data dashboards for investment decisions

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Configuration of all modules and tenant-centric processes

Spaceflow admin console
Spaceflow Mobile App


The Spaceflow tenant experience mobile app requires no training for managers and users alike. Simply navigate to the features you want to engage with and tap away!

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Native design for iOS & Android

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All for occupiers’ daily life in your property

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Easy to use


Spaceflow integrates with a wide range of other tech tools

Our certification SmartScore and WELL Building certification


Spaceflow helps properties attain industry-leading certifications like SmartScore, GRESB and the WELL Building Certification. Our emphasis on enhancing productivity, health and wellbeing, community, sustainability, maintenance efficiency, and security makes achieving these prestigious credentials more attainable for property teams large and small. 

Spaceflow app - newsfeed


Customizable, certified, modular, flexible, safe, for every kind of property... And so much more!

See what makes Spaceflow the right-fit solution for your occupiers, property management team, and whole portfolio. 


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