Comgy integration

Comgy integration Spaceflow app

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Comgy integration Spaceflow app

Comgy allows you to log, analyze and control energy consumption and air quality.

Spaceflow displays the data from Comgy on the admin dashboard and tenant app in user-friendly, simplified graphs that motivate positive behavior. 

Real-time data helps optimize operations, use energy more effectively, reduce costs, sharpen investment decisions, and support your own sustainability and wellness goals alongside those of your tenants.

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Comgy is a smart metering solution that digitizes the measurement, visualization and billing of heat, water and electricity consumption 
in real estate.


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This integration allows you to log, analyze and control energy consumption, air quality and occupancy.

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Square Sense is a digital asset management platform. It provides up-to-date, reliable data collection and analysis on the vitals of your properties and occupiers for a better, user-centric culture.

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With Airthings you are able to view and use your real-time and historical air quality data to manage all of your buildings and identify any air quality issues and areas of improvement.


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