Ziezodan integration

Ziezodan integration Spaceflow app

About the integration

Ziezodan integration Spaceflow app

This integration supports frictionless issue reporting by allowing your occupiers to create a ticket directly in the Ziezodan platform without entering personal or space unit details. 

For example, when tenants face an issue in their apartments, they can report it with an easy-to-use interface and arrange a repairman or any other solution to their request.

Spaceflow enables the integration to be configured as a custom menu item. For property management, the platform supports the whole management and process tracking.

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About Ziezodan

Ziezodan brings tenants, maintenance parties and property managers together. It simplifies the process by facilitating this on a simple, user-friendly platform.


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MORE Integrations


Freshdesk allows you to transfer all relevant ticket data that have been submitted from various customer communication channels automatically to Freshdesk.


This integration allows you to automatically transfer all tickets and related data into Revisio. Spaceflow enables the integration to be configured as a custom menu item.


With this integration, Spaceflow becomes a digital access gate – your occupiers can directly open doors and turnstiles with the help of the Spaceflow app.


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