Parcel Tracker integration

Parcel Tracker integration Spaceflow app

About the integration

Parcel Tracker integration Spaceflow app

This integration allows your tenants to track deliveries without the need to download the Parcel Tracker app separately.

Once the concierge collects the parcel, they can trigger a push notification to a Spaceflow user to come to pick up the package, effectively decreasing the receptionist workload and decluttering your mailroom.

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About Parcel Tracker

Internal parcel tracking software for residential, student housing, co-working offices, universities and more. Parcel Tracker lets receptionists quickly scan packages received using a smartphone camera, automatically notify recipients and collect their e-signatures for proof-of-pickup. Works with all couriers and hand-written parcel labels.


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MORE Integrations

Parcel management category
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Tenants receive a push notification when the parcel or any other item shared is ready to be picked up and are able to unlock the box directly from the Spaceflow app.

Parcel management category
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Once the parcel is delivered to the smart locker, tenants receive a push notification on Spaceflow's packages section, being able to unlock the smart locker to pick up the delivery.

Smart mobility category


Thanks to VEOMO integration, tenants are able to check the availability of all means of transportation in their proximity, including scooters, taxis, public transport or shared bikes in real time, using just one app.


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