Accessy integration

Accessy integration Spaceflow app

About the integration

Accessy integration Spaceflow app

This integration allows occupiers to use the Accessy app for keyless access via a shortcut link in the Spaceflow app. All the user access permissions are managed in the Accessy admin console. Outside of the Accessy payments for existing locks or users, there is no extra cost associated and no need to acquire digital cards. 

Accessy is synchronized with the Spaceflow resource booking module and it automatically grants users access to the booked meeting rooms and other resources 15 minutes prior to the reservation starting.

In the initial setup, Spaceflow creates an account in Accessy and grants the default access to the particular space (usually the main entrance) when a new user joins (end users, tenant managers and space managers). When a user leaves the company or the building as a resident, access is revoked.

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About Accessy

With Accessy, your occupiers can easily unlock the doors to your property, and spaces in it by only using a mobile phone. Traditional management of physical keys is costly, unreliable and a thing of the past, Accessy gives you the control to make your property safe and keeps the door open for you and your tenants.


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Mobile Access category


With this integration, Spaceflow becomes a digital access gate – your occupiers can directly open doors and turnstiles in the Spaceflow app.

Mobile Access category


Make physical keys and cards a thing of the past. With the HID integration, occupiers can use the Spaceflow app for mobile access.

Mobile Access category

NSP Security

Keys or access cards get lost or forgotten too often? Dealing with new employees and tenants is a hassle? With the NSP integration, occupiers are able to use 
the Spaceflow app for digital access.


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