What happens after I leave my contact details on the website?
A Spaceflow representative will get in touch with you shortly to schedule an initial consultation over video-call. Based on your unique business requirements we will then proceed to schedule and propose a subscription strategy to best meet your needs.
Why should tenant experience be important to me?

Landlords’ top priority is to minimize vacant space whilst simultaneously increasing asset value. Weak tenant-centric capability and lack of data about tenants' needs and satisfaction might lead to loss of competitive advantage and thus losing clients.

Spaceflow helps landlords improve the building standard and tenant retention: having a tenant experience program in place means a holistic digital experience, highly personalized services based on behavioral data about tenants and community management support to attract and retain tenants.

What do we need to be able to run Spaceflow?
Just a curious mind and customer-centric attitude! The platform is cloud-based so you only need a computer or phone to access your account. Specific hardware integrations require corresponding technologies.
What languages do you support?
Both Spaceflow app and admin console support 20 languages. As for the admin console, you can change the language anytime. As for the app, the language is selected automatically based on the user’s phone language settings. Users are able to change the language right in the app.
Is Spaceflow just another app? How does Spaceflow actually increase asset value?

Spaceflow is streamlining processes and building technology for both user and property management to ensure the best-possible experience in buildings.

We help our clients manage the value of their space by providing continuous data insights which enables a more precise decision making process, generating additional revenue from all transactions through transforming your property into a building-as-a-service in which tenants thrive.

I am afraid the app won’t be downloaded by many users. How do you ensure people learn about Spaceflow?

We believe that it all starts with marketing and to ensure we help you on the way, there are a number of things we recommend you to use. First off, a physical marketing kit to spread awareness onsite. Using a number of methods is often the most effective way, so we also recommend leveraging your tenant happiness/onboarding managers and letting them spread the word about Spaceflow. In addition to this, we recommend using an email campaign where we can support you with templates and social media (if you use them) and other online channels you currently use to communicate with your tenants in order to have the widest possible reach – and so the biggest chance of getting everyone signed up.

In Spaceflow community engagement programs available in the UK, DACH region and the Czech Republic, we will set up a strategy for a launch event to kick-start your community in the most engaging way possible. Of course, our trained community managers in those regions can be on-site to introduce the full potential of the Spaceflow platform.

Can we have our own branding featured?
Branding is indeed an important part of property marketing. Your brand starts with your logo and your colors, so lead with that! Spaceflow can provide you with a fully customized platform with your brand identity (colour skin of the app interface, user home screen icon with your brand logo). Contact us for pricing information.
What is the implementation process?

We use an easy process that typically looks something like this and can take anywhere from 1 week to 3 months based on your capacity and readiness to launch.

  1. Uncovering your needs
  2. Integrations, feature requests or other requests are solved 
  3. Building profile set up 
  4. Content is filled in
  5. Marketing campaign is sent out 
  6. Go live to your occupiers! 🎉

We start off by uncovering your needs, set expectations and plan for the roll out during a kick-off call with your whole project team. Once we are all on the same page on how we can make sure you get the most out of the platform, it’s time to set up your first building profile/s with Spaceflow. Content is filled in the app and marketed by you, but we are here to support. And finally, the platform is ready for your occupiers to sign up.


Are there additional costs from 3rd parties when we use your platform with integrated hardware, such as smart locks or ESG sensors?

There are no hidden fees on the Spaceflow side –⁠ all available 3rd party integrations are included and available according to the selected plan. 

Third-party fees may be incurred based on their business model (sensors, SW license, or whatever the implementation is).

Is there any implementation cost?
No. Our SaaS modular platform is developed to be easily configurable by our clients with Spaceflow customer success management support.
Are there any maintenance costs?
No, everything is included in the license fee.
What are your support hours?
Sure, chatbots and automated emails are nice, but here at Spaceflow, we believe in the power of a human touch. Our dedicated support team is on duty within business hours in the CET timezone and trained to provide efficient responses to incidents including security and availability issues.


Who does own the data?
The client of the Spaceflow platform owns the data. Spaceflow acts as a processor and uses all of its security measures and privacy posture to protect the data.
Is Spaceflow GDPR compliant?
Spaceflow is fully compliant with GDPR. Our platform is running on Google Cloud and as such leverages industry-leading security practices to keep information secure. All data related to the use of our software is stored on servers located in the European Union and administered by Spaceflow.
How and where is your SaaS hosted?
Spaceflow platform is running on Google Cloud and as such leveraging modern technologies and industry standards to keep your data secure. All the data are hosted within the EU region.


Is there a limit on the number of users?
The sky is the limit. We don’t charge per user, instead the maximum number of occupiers using the app is our common goal.
Who can comment on the in-app posts? How can we moderate the content?
For maximum engagement, we recommend end-users be able to comment on your post, so they can ask questions or send tips. However, you can turn off commenting, too.
Are all occupiers able to report issues within the property? Can we turn it off?
Yes, in the default settings, all users are able to send tips or report issues. You can turn this module off.


Do we need to fill in the information on the service providers and retailers ourselves or can they do it?
Either is possible. We recommend to invite service providers from your property and nearby, so they can edit their information and promote their services.


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