Webinar: Results of Smart Tech Implementations to Avoid Sick Building Syndrome

by bGrid & PropTech Lab & Spaceflow

Smart tech implementations to avoid sick building syndrome

In 2023, as low as 43% of office occupancy is the new normal.

Smart tech implementations to avoid sick building syndrome

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The after-effect of the pandemic and the shift towards hybrid or remote work influenced today's reality. Yet, here is another reason why employees may not be willing to return to the office that landlords neglect: the sick building syndrome.

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We discover what sick building syndrome is, why landlords should care about it, and how technology helps ease the symptoms and tackle the problem with bGrid's CCO Wouter Kok, PropTech Lab's Co-FounderIdriss Goossens and Spaceflow's Head of Marketing Petr Boruta. 

Report: Tackling sick building syndrome: Technology's Role

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