Tailor Spaceflow’s powerful features and content to meet your building’s unique needs. Take advantage of our experienced community management team to exceed occupant expectations and increase satisfaction in no time. 

Onboarding FOR your building

The process of building winning tenant experiences is different in every space. With the help of our community management team all the information, training and strategy you need to bring Spaceflow into your building is available right when you need it. Don't deploy your tenant experience platform alone.

Success meetings

In-depth training for your team

Onboarding & workshop for services

Custom marketing campaign

Onboarding users

Launch event


Spaceflow app - booking
Spaceflow event

Quick activation

Your dedicated community manager will work alongside your team to activate and increase community engagement through events, content and marketing campaings. No engagement dream is too big!

Content library

Take advantage of 24/7 access to a fully stocked content library packed with ready-to-use templates on themes from sustainability to facility management and everything in between.

Targeting and scheduling posts

Targeting posts allows you to tailor content to your entire building or just a segment in need of special attention. Our post scheduling tool makes it easier to plan building announcements, fire drills or anything else ahead of time.

On-site pop-up events

Extend the boundaries of your building with regular pop-ups and events. Engage and delight occupants by offering something unique, special, and temporary.

Launch support

Benefit from customised content support and implementation, onboarding and marketing to ensure you have everything you need and more to get started with Spaceflow.

Interpret feedback loops

Our team will guide you through regular feedback sessions where we offer our expertise in managing tenant expectations. Iterative processes make for a stronger community, and don’t go it alone.

Spaceflow admin manager
Spaceflow partners


It’s time to consider your building’s entire ecosystem. Connect with your local vendors by highlighting their products and services on Spaceflow. Add the cherry on top by offering unique, occupier-only discounts within the Spaceflow app itself.


In additional to digital content templates, we provide a library of tangible marketing collateral to help you bridge to physical-digital gap and engage more occupiers wherever they work.<

Spaceflow poster - offline campaigns


With the real-time data available in your dashboard you can set KPIs and monetise what works in your building. Growth in terms of engagement, event attendence and perk utilization is just the beginning. Leveraging real-time data and trends over time to ultimately leads to greater tenant retainment.

Real-time insights into opinions and engagement

Plan periodic reviews to analyze your data

Smarter business decisions

"The community management team helped us to set up our building profile, train and onboard our staff, made content look attractive in the app and have supported the rest of our journey in becoming a digital complex ever since."
Farida Baizuliyeva Marketing Manager, Global Development, Talan Towers mixed-use project


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