Spaceflow enters Romania through S+B Gruppe office buildings

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S+B Gruppe announces launching of Spaceflow tenant experience platform and community management services in its Romanian buildings. The app provides seamless connection to amenities, services and community while community manager will ensure occupiers are engaged by events and content.

"In the future, technological facilities will bring the greatest added value to office buildings, in an increasingly competitive environment, becoming almost as important as the location. Office building apps save time and money for employees and offer them a real-time networking solution."
Vincent Vallois Online Real Assets, Spaceflow’s partner for CEE Region

Tenants of S+B Gruppe buildings in Bucharest are introduced to the community app that provides one-click access to amenities and services such as dry-cleaning, car sharing, yoga classes and community updates. For instance, tenants can learn about service times of the appliances on their premises as well as in the neighborhood and redeem perks.

Additionally, users are also able to connect with each other, learn about events and use the booking platform for meeting rooms or other shared amenities.

Hand holding iphone with Spaceflow app services module
"In many areas, S+B, is a pioneer in innovations and new technologies. We wanted to give the best experience and services to our tenants in our 3 locations in Bucharest and create a sense of community. We see our projects not just as office spaces, but as the group of people who work in it. Therefore we want to provide the best service to our tenants and we want them to feel we are taking care of their needs. We’re excited about launching this innovative solution which will change the perception of office spaces."
Melinda Reikli Country Manager Romania for S+B Gruppe

Occupiers of S+B Gruppe buildings are also encouraged to engage with a community manager. The community manager serves as a point of contact for tenants, creates timely content, brings in on-site and off-site services and enlivens the community life by co-organizing events.

"By combining the app and community management, we create places people thrive in. We’re excited about launching Spaceflow in S+B Gruppe buildings."
Lukas Balik CEO of Spaceflow

The Romanian portfolio of S+B Gruppe includes three office buildings in Bucharest, combined over 20,000 sqm, Magheru One, PBT Pipera Business Tower and 3 Av. Jean Texier.

21. March 2019
3 minutes read


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