Spaceflow Product Updates – Q2 2023: Channels and Elevated User Experience on Dashboards

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The major updates

New features, new dashboards, and many upgrades on existing features. As we leave the first half of 2023 behind us, it's time to take a look back at what's been released in Q2 on the Spaceflow platform!

01 Introducing Channels – Elevated Way of Creating Communities 

Your building community has occupiers with many interests, and Channels are here to help them sparkle! 

This new feature is here to help build a sense of community through customized channels and notifications. As a property or community manager, you can create any sort of channel that will appeal to your occupiers – one for dog lovers, one for football players, and one for cooking enthusiasts!

Here are some more examples of customized channels you can create: 

  • Building Announcements
  • Community News
  • Safety & Security
  • Marketplace
  • Social Activities
  • Lost & Found
  • Sustainability & Green Initiatives
  • Neighborhood Recommendations 

What it brings: 

  • Users can customize their newsfeed based on interests
  • Selecting a channel when creating a post is mandatory
  • Possibility to see the details per each channel 
  • Users can discover channels to follow/unfollow, and mute/unmute
  • While users cannot create channels themselves, they are able to ask for it by using Spaceflow Requests features
  • Post type filters, like event, poll and others. 

By providing a platform for users to discover, share and engage with content that interests them, occupiers can stay up-to-date and engaged in their community in a way that suits their individual preferences and needs. 

02 Measuring Tenant Satisfaction 

Getting occupier feedback has never been so easy! 

With simplified Tenant Satisfaction forms on the Spaceflow App, you can generate a set of questions per specific space or portfolio. 

The same set of questions will appear to the users once every quarter, so you have the chance to follow the occupier satisfaction trends in your building. 

Occupiers will have the option to rate from 0 to 5, with 5 representing the highest level of satisfaction.

03 New Dashboards – Users and Leases & Fresh Design

We have previously announced the launch of Spaceflow advanced dashboards that empowers landlords with the vital data they need to base building improvement decisions on the actual needs of their tenants, rather than on guesses.

This quarter, we introduce the following changes with the Users & Leases Dashboards.

Enhanced Management of Leases and Users

Enjoy the new dashboard layout designs with upgraded borders, sizes and shapes of charts! Now, as the space admin, you have the seamless overview of all the users and the power to manage their roles in the space. 

Now, as the space admin, you have the general overview of all the users and the power to manage their roles in the space. If a user has multiple roles assigned to their account, you can remove one without affecting the others.

All deactivated users and those you remove all the roles from will no longer be visible in the platform, providing a cleaner and more organized overview. 

Removing a user role will automatically cancel any upcoming reservations they have made. It also applies to invitations in the Visitor Management System or Access Control System in case you have these systems enabled in the space.

Plus, the following name changes are to ensure a clearer user structure in the admin dashboard, and simplified lease and user creations: 

  • Tenant Manager → Tenant Representative
  • People → Users
  • Tenant → Lease

Improved Analytics of Leases and Vacancy

You can enjoy an enhanced view of all users and tenant representatives from your spaces with the new filters, search options, and sortings. As a plus, on the Leases section, you may view the vacancy data with the following metrics: 

  • Rented & vacant units 
  • Occupancy rate, the total number of occupied units out of all available ones 
  • Lease insights; revenue, average time of tenant retention, longest and shortest leases, contracts ending next month
  • Possibility to invite, manage and get a full overview of all users and tenant representatives within each Lease
  • Breakdown table with all necessary data ready to export. 

04 Other Releases & Upgrades 

  • The Messages section moved to the main navigation bar as a separate section for being one of the most frequently used features. 
  • The Bookings section in the admin dashboard allows messaging with the occupiers directly from the booking that they have created on the platform, to foster easier and faster exchange of information. Navigate to it on the admin dashhboard, select the Bookings section > the user's booking details > new three dots in the menu with Message option.  
  • Watch out for in-app feature announcements that will excite you and your tenants about what's new on the Spaceflow app!

05 Coming Next in Q3

As we move into the second half of 2023, we are excited for what the next few months will bring. In our Q3 horizon, we plan to launch two new, highly-functional integrations and make enhancements on the user experience and design. 

Do you have a question about these new functions or a great feature idea for Spaceflow? Feel free to reach out to your Customer Success Manager or kindly contact us at

10. July 2023
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